Chapter 30

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The sound of my gun made as I pulled the trigger aiming it at Spencer.

He ran to the left attempting to dodge it but was too late and failed as it hit him on the side of his vest, Spencer being dramatic as always fell to the ground and started rolling around on the dirt ground

"OHHH this painnnn" he exclaimed as I walked up to him looking over him

"Aweee did your wittle sister shoot you?" I said in a baby voice

His act immediately stopped as he opened his eyes with a serious face glaring at me

"Shut up"

I laughed and held my hand out, he immediately took it as I helped him up. Not going to lie I was pretty tired my head felt a little light but I ignored it, I have to kill Alejandro.

"Damn Avi where'd you learn how to shoot like that?" Treavion asked walking up to us with Alex and Mariana next to him

"Just training" I shrugged not wanting to get into specifics "What's next?"

"Oh, my favorite knives..." Spencer said grinning rubbing his hands together, little did he know knives were my specialty.

"I think we should take it slow not wear her out to much" Alex said sternly

"Slow my ass, where are the knives?"

"Avianna." Alex glared at me. Opps did I say ass? My bad

"Sorry. Now where are they?"

"Take a break Avi you just did a pretty intense course" Treavion said behind me

"I'm fine, stop babying me" I exclaimed

"What's going on?" I heard Chris say walking up to us, I rolled my eyes

"It's time to throw knives but Alex won't let me and is treating me like a child-" I began but was rudely interrupted.

"You are a child!" Alex raised his voice

"I'm almost sixteen Alex! I can handle myself" I raised my voice back at him

"Just take a break Avianna!" He finally shouted causing me to flinch slightly but I hid it

"Avi calm down" Mariana chipped in

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes and walked to the glass door leading me out of the dirt ground and back into The Box

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