Chapter 2

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It was now Thursday and tomorrow I leave to the airport to go with Christopher

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It was now Thursday and tomorrow I leave to the airport to go with Christopher. How am I doing you ask?

I'm doing amazing!

I spent the last day packing my clothes into a suitcase Margaret had bought me the day before. It's not like it had to be big or anything I didn't have many clothes. Just about 4 pairs of jeans and a few hoodies.

As I was packing I started thinking about my brothers. What would they say when they saw me? I mean I obviously look different 10 years later will they recognize me? I don't know. Ugh why couldn't they just let me stay with them why couldn't they fight for me.

I was interrupted by my thoughts with a knock on the door

"Come in" i said

In walked Margaret "hey love time for bed"

"Okay let me just zip this up" I said

"How you doing hun?" She asked in a soft tone

"Okay." I didn't want to tell her I was sad I didn't want her to feel like this is her fault

"Hey you have my number you know you can call me anytime you need right?"

"Yeah I know"

"Alright get to bed you have to wake up early tomorrow" she said making her way out

Just as she was about to close the door to my very small room she said "good night Alissa I love you"

"Love you too mar good night" I said before I turned off my lamp and laid down to try to find sleep.

" no mama please I'll be better I'm sorry I didn't mean to" I cried to her

"crees que solo porque no eres completamente mexicano puedes andar pensando que eres todo eso" she said walking towards me

"No ma it was an accident I didn't mean to perdón "

"Take care of her Alejandro"

In came Alejandro taking off his belt and charging it to me whipping me like I'm some kind of doll. like I'm nothing

When I tried to escape he pulled me by my hair and slapped me across my face

"hazlo de nuevo y mira lo que sucederá" with that he punched me again leaving me to black out in the middle of our backyard

I woke up to my body drenched in sweat and me breathing really hard I took a look at my alarm to see it was only 3 am. Knowing I was going to go back to sleep I decided to take a shower and get ready.

Stepping into the shower I thought about how my life was 5 months ago. How damaged I was.

Your probably confused well 5 months ago I ran away from home after I found out my mom had died in a car accident. She hadn't been home for 4 days and I was getting worried. I had to find out where she was so as I was walking into a gas station to buy a snack I saw the news and there it was "drunk driver killed in deadly accident" and there was my moms car I knew immediately then I had to leave I had to change my name or else he would find me and take me with him. So I did I am now Alissa Montgomery.

Coming out of my thoughts I got out of the shower and started to get dressed in my normal attire. Ripped black jeans and a red over sized hoodie from good will.

I was honestly too lazy to do my whole curly hair routine so I settled for a slick bun and layed my baby hairs. Noticing the bags under my eyes I took a bit of concealer to cover it up.

There now I look alive.

Taking a look at my self in my mirror I approved I looked decent.

Stepping out of the bathroom I went down the hallway back into my room to grab the last of my things.

Glancing at the alarm clock it was 5:45 which means I only had 15 minutes to eat breakfast. Tying my family dollar shoes on I grabbed my suitcase and made my way downstairs where I was greeted with the smell of pancakes.

Settling into the back seat of my social working I rolled down the window and waved by to Margaret I think I saw tears in her eyes which was really hard to see but I know I'll see her again. When you ask? Well I don't know but I trust her when she said she has a good feeling about this.

We arrived at the airport where I then checked in my luggage and was introduced to the flight attendant that would be accompanying me during the flight I then said bye to John my social worker he wished me luck and said he'll miss me.

Before I know it I was in first class sitting down in a row to myself looking out the window wondering what my life has come to. Then it hit me. Like really hit me.

I'm going to see my 5 older brothers that I haven't seen in 10 years.


As I was walking out of baggage claim I saw a sign that said "Avianna V." That was being help by a man in a suite looked around 50?

Great they're using that name.

I walked up to the man he greeted me.

"Miss Vega?" He asked

I nodded my head

"Great! I'm James I'll be taking you to your brothers residence Mr.Vega apologizes for not being able to come pick you up he had a last minute meeting" he said

Great he couldn't even come pick me up. Looks like they still hate me. I nodded my head again

He gave me a small smile and opened the door to the black car and grabbed my luggage. Then he put the luggage in the trunk of the car and made his way to the driver seat and we were off.

Driving around the beautiful city of Houston I noticed how different it looked. There was definitely not a McDonald's there last time I was here. Leaning my head against the window I started asking myself if this was all going to be okay.

Before I knew it we pulled into the mansion that I once used to call home. Nothing has changed one bit.

And standing outside the double doors was non other then Chris. At least I think it was I haven't seen the twins in 10 years but I think I can still tell the, apart. Dressed in a dress shirt with the sleeve rolled up and dress pants. Immediately I noticed his green eyes if I remember correctly we all share that. And finally his many tattoo on his arms.

That's new.

Just as I was reaching to open the door James beat me to it and motioned me to get out of the car handing me my suite case I rolled it up the huge driveway making my way up to the double doors.

"Welcome home Avi" Chris said

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