Chapter 7

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Avianna's POV:

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Avianna's POV:

I woke up to something very hard under my head, but honestly im too lazy to pin point what it is. My head feels like someone is hitting it with a hammer, I can't help but wince at the pain.

Whatever is under me starts stirring, I attempted to open my eyes but that only brought more pain to my head so I kept them closed. I turned my head and squinted my eyes to see what im laying on.

Squinting my eyes I see Chris looking down at me. if my head wasn't pounding id probably jump out of his arms right now, but id be lying if I said I wasn't comfortable.

"Good Morning butterfly" he said in a a raspy voice, he probably just woke up too. No one has called me that in years. I missed it.

"morning" I said just above a whisper

"you feeling ok?" he asked

"no" wincing grabbing my head as if that will make the pain go away

"what's wrong?" Chris asked gently moving me from his chest brushing my loose curls out of my face

"my head hurts and the sun is too bright" I said in a whisper

I feel the bed dip and hear curtains closing

"try opening your eyes" he said coming back to the bed

I do as he says slowly and feel relief when my head doesn't increase in pain but its definitely still there. There I see Chris in front of me with a concern face on

"wait why are you in here?" I ask I hope I don't sound rude im genuinely confused.

"you don't remember last night?" he asked with a equally confused face

"no.... what happened last night?" I asked

he mumbled something under his breath and said "how about you take a shower and I can make you breakfast and we can talk about everything then. ill bring you some advill in a sec." the he just left.

Well that's great. glancing at the clock I see it 9am not too early but not too late. a few moments later in walks Chris with a glass of water and 2 pills

"here take this it should help with your head" he said handing me the pills then the water. I do as he says while gulping the whole glass of water.

"why don't you take a shower while I cook you some breakfast?' he asked

"okay thanks Chris" I said

"no problem" he said then walked out closing the door behind him

With that I got up and made my way to my bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror I honestly almost screamed.

There I was dark circles found their way under my eyes, my hair is a complete mess im still in the same clothes as yesterday. I don't remember much just me scrolling and laughing at videos on instagram on my balcony but that about it.

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