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Driving Force by bubblegum865
Driving Forceby AK
A mix between a new book/ sequel . Based and focused on a new character but old characters make a return. Madison Marshall is a force to be reckoned with. Strong and res...
Zephaniah // z.m by mindofjohanna
Zephaniah // z.mby Jo .
After many failed attempts, Zayn, 26, gives a young woman the one last chance to be a good caregiver to his almost 8 years old son with special needs. • All rights reser...
The Fight To Be Me by Emmypaige9147
The Fight To Be Meby Emmy Paige
Mitch has had Cerebral Palsy his whole life, it gives him daily challenges. Scott has known Mitch since they were in high school, and has always stuck by his side on the...
Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Fanfiction) by iwriteficsnotragedy
Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Fan...by Eliz
You have a health problem that you desperately try to hide from Brendon--until you can't. What happens when epilepsy comes back to haunt you? (Top 100 in panicatthedisc...
colors // changlix by kiwik23
colors // changlixby maddie
It all started in the grocery store, walking through the fruit section. One moment Felix was upright, and the next he was laying on the ground seizing. "Fuck, Feli...
Blind Louis Tomlinson  by maniaclarry
Blind Louis Tomlinson by maniaclarry
This is a story telling the One Direction journey with a twist: Louis is blind and epileptic. His sisters are also older in this story. His family helps him with pretty...
A Family's Strength  by Anchor87
A Family's Strength by Anchor87
Spyder Trent is a young boy who has to live with the unbearable pain of having three older, obnoxious brothers. Can this poor 8 year old survive the constant ridicule of...
Avianna by datsonperiod
Aviannaby datsonperiod
"I can't do it" I said "Come on baby you have to learn to fight for when I'm not here anymore, I won't be here to protect you" she said I turned to h...
Fighting Together by lisaaaaa1616
Fighting Togetherby Clay/Lisa
George suffers from epilepsy which causes him to be bullied for that at school. After being humiliated in front of the whole school for being gay, the popular boy named...
The Fit Boy (Larry Stylinson)  by StylinsonLove28
The Fit Boy (Larry Stylinson) by Sunflower6
Harry was a happy outgoing teenager, then he was diagnosed with epilepsy. It turns his world upside down. He struggles to cope, but has his best friend, Louis to help hi...
Living to Loving by Geekgirl531
Living to Lovingby Cheese Queen
She has PTSD and social anxiety. He has epilepsy. He's on the football team and she's in choir. She's introverted and shy. He's extroverted and popular. He's determined...
Groupie? // 5SOS by LouisDefenseless
Groupie? // 5SOSby Excuse Me
"If you don't let me explain, I swear to god I'm walking out that door with my stuff by late morning." She threatened. "I don't care. You've hurt me enoug...
Half Empty (COMPLETE) by Paradox555
Half Empty (COMPLETE)by Paradox555
Rayne Clearwater has a secret that he can't tell anyone. That's because he is mute and has been for a while now. Rayne's mother dies in a tragic car accident and he is f...
Epilepsia MxM by Shifting2wolf
Epilepsia MxMby Too much inspiration
Daniël is the average twenty-something guy whom could easily blend in with the crowd. Only, unlike the crowd he dissapears in to look normal, he doesn't have a home, nor...
Nightmares by darkcharisma
Nightmaresby darkcharisma
Following a tragic accident, an insomniac struggles to deal with the memories and guilt that he feels every day. He carries secrets with him that no one knows, but when...
Easy Frown by Ria_eleven17
Easy Frownby Victoria Ball
Evelyn Carter Parks or more commonly known as just Carter. The way she likes it. She is average. Smart but not a genius. Beautiful but not gorgeous. Funny but not a come...
Fuzzy feeling: Tsukishima Kei  by Anime59
Fuzzy feeling: Tsukishima Kei by Marcy
Kinda just one shots where Tsukki has epilepsy, there will be different kinds of seizures though I'm only an expert on the ones I have, myoclonic.
Crash and Burn by hizzycg
Crash and Burnby haz !
"Uh, my mom and I got into a car crash with an 18- wheeler, and I had an epidural hematoma, shattered my leg bone and dreams of playing football, had some seizures...
Corbyn Besson // Epilepsy  by softyseaveyy
Corbyn Besson // Epilepsy by softyseaveyy
I have all of these chapters in my WDW Oneshots book, but I've made five of these already, so why not turn it into its own book. Anyways, hope you enjoy
Peter Parker One Shots by personwhoexcists
Peter Parker One Shotsby I'm a person....back off ; )
Um so I am really bad at all things creative and wordy (omg wordy just go find another story while you still have your sanity) but I am going to try and make some one sh...