Chapter 20

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"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No absolutely not

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"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No absolutely not." I yelled to my insane cousin

"oh come on avi! its just a swimsuit" she said back we were currently in my room debating what to wear for our pool day today but my coo coo cousin wants me to wear a BIKINI!

"can you imagine what the boys would say?? no no no" I said turning back looking through the pile of swimsuit

"Your overreacting! you know dang well they won't say anything"

"how do you know?"

"because we're gonna be matching and I always where similar ones and they don't say a thing, you know why?"


"Because its not a big deal" she said

she was right it wasn't that I was scared of what my brothers would say its me I'm scared of.

"what's going on avi?" Mari asked

"nothing" I shrugged looking threw the swimsuits

"whats wrong avi?" Mari repeated

"what if I dont look good in it? I still have scars Mariana and I dont know if im ready for people to see them yet" I said

"Avianna look at me" when I didn't comply she grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face her

"Listen to me Avianna Vega you are beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise. Those are a reminder that you survived, never be ashamed of your scars they simply mean that your stronger then whatever tried to hurt you do you hear me?" she said I didn't even notice I had tears in my eyes wanting to be released

"Do you hear me?" she repeated

I nodded

"come here" she said quietly pulling me into a hug, I hugged her back and let a few tear fall after a few moments we pulled away

"im not going to force you to wear it just.. try it on. please?" she said handing me the swimsuit

"fine" I said grabbing the swimsuit and walking into the bathroom

I took off my comfy sweats and put on the bikini, I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked...good but I could see my scars. a few belt marks on my stomach ,a few slashes on my arms, thighs they're not very noticeable they've fadded over time you can only see them if you look closely but I could clearly see them.

Past the scars was a beautiful girl that barely had any bags under her eyes and her green eyes where more alive and vibrant then ever, behind the scars was me.

Mariana's right these scars are a sign that I've survived, and I need to get over them and live my life.

I walked out of my bathroom to be greeted with a very jumpy Mariana.

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