Chapter 22

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Avianna's POV

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Avianna's POV


I have epilepsy, how could I have epilepsy? Why me? Why did the universe decide that they were going to put this in my life?

"Okay Avianna were going to begin the testing" Dr.Tood said to me I nodded in response and he gestured for the other 2 nurses behind the door to come in

In walked 2 nurses one was a older dark skinned lady with short grey curly hair, and the other was a very young lady who looked close to the twins age, they had a cart with moniters on it and wheeled it next to my bed

"Avianna this is Nurse Kathy-" he gestured to the older lady "-and nurse Samantha" he gestured to the younger lady, I smiled and mumbled a 'hello'

"You can call me sammie" She said to me in a very sweet tone

I was currently laying in bed and my brothers were scattered around the room, while Spencer was standing by my side playing with my fingers trying to comfort me

"They're going to be doing the test and monitoring it during the night." Dr. Todd said to me

"Okay" I muttered

"Ill be in to check on you soon" he smiled at me

"Thank you doctor" Alex walked up to him and shook his hand

"No problem" and he walked out of the room

"Alrighty hun we're going to begin the testing, so this is a white mesh cap and this is going to go over your head" Nurse Kathy said while holding a white cloth thing in her hand

"Yup and these are sensors which we'll attach to you scalp so we can see your brain's activity's through the day and night" sammie said

"Okay" I nodded my head

Nurse Kathy came over to the left side of my bed "Alrighty lets get started-" she said while tying away my hair

"Okay im just going to attach these to your scalp is that okay?" Sammie said

I nodded

She began attaching like 20 different patches to my hair complementing it in the process, then Nurse Kathy put the cap over my head.

"You look great butterfly" Chris said sarcastically at the foot of my bed

I rolled my eyes "Shut up"  I said trying not to laugh, I probably looked like Humpty Dumpty right now.

"okay here on this screen you can see your brain activity's" sammie pointed at the screen that had squiggly lines on it

"Is there anything we should look out for?" Brian asked squinting at the screen as if he knew what he was looking at

"The doctor will discuss the results at the end" Nurse Kathy said

My brothers and I nodded

"Okay well be in to check on you every hour" sammie said giving me a smile and leaving the room

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