Chapter 21

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Brian's POV

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Brian's POV

I made eye contact with my sister as she leaned across the railing of the boat, I gave her a small smile but that smile soon disappeared when I saw Avianna say something but I couldn't hear it next thing I know she starts jerking and before I could react she falls off the railing into the lake shaking.

I immediately swam as fast as I could to her before she could sink down anymore, I heard my brothers in the background yelling her name. I dived down a grabbed my shaking baby sister from under her arms pulling her up to the surface. My brothers helped me pull her up the latter and laid her down on the boat

"put her on her side now" Spencer said

"NO! she might have water in her we have to do compressions" Alex said laying her down face up and starting to pump her chest as she continued to shake

"Spencer time it!" Chris yelled next to his twin

"come on Avianna" Alex said tears threatening to flow down

I looked around and saw my brothers and Mariana gathered around our sister while her friends stood to the side crying

Suddenly water spills out from Avianna's mouth I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding I think my brothers did too

"Okay someone get me a pillow" Alex said wiping his eyes and turning Avianna who was still shaking on her side

I ran downstairs grabbed a pillow and came back up and handed the pillow to Alex

"Guys its been more then 5 minutes we have to go" Spencer said panicking

Chris ran to the wheel and started the boat and took off back to the house, we all looked at my sister has she continued to shake.

"She's slowing down" Alex said stroking her hair. I looked down to see she was now twitching thank god.

I grabbed my shirt and put over her head looping her arms through the arm holes.

Once we had gotten to the dock at our house Avianna had finally stopped and was now unconscious I scooped her up in my arms and ran to my car my brothers following behind

"Tre take the girls back home meet us at the hospital" Alex yelled

Treavion nodded and jumped in the SUV along with the girls

I laid my sister down across the back seat of my car and buckled her in. and drove off not even waiting for my brothers to join, they have their own cars.

I went at least 20 miles above the speed limit but I didn't care my sister came first. I looked into the rearview mirror and saw my brothers cars closely behind me, I don't think they cared either.

Finally after what feels like hours I pulled into the emergency room section not even bothering to turn off my car, I unbuckled my sister and barged into the emergency room.

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