Chapter 34

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Author's note: I recommend reading the last chapter;)

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Author's note: I recommend reading the last chapter;)

Alex's POV

"So where is he going to be?" Chris asked. My brothers and I except Spencer who was at basketball practice. We're currently sitting in our usual booth at my aunts restaurant discussing our trip to Mexico. I hired a private investigator to track Alejandro down, turns out he moved to Mexico after staying in England for a good while.

"The PI said he's going to be at a Gala on the 26th next month, Avianna's birthday is on the 10th. That gives us...2 weeks to train?" I asked

They all nodded

"Are you sure we're not going to take her? We all know she can be a big help" Treavion said

I glanced to my right at Chris silently asking him his opinion, he met my gaze

"I don't know yet." My twin replied

Avianna had made it pretty clear she was going weather we liked it or not but unfortunately she doesn't make the calls here. Our relashinship has been rough these past couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean I would stop caring for her. I love my baby sister so much probably more then I love anyone else, and I would do anything to ensure she's protected and safe. These past couple of weeks Avianna has been Shes growing up, I mean shes turning 17 next week.....damn.

"Are they going to be their?" Brian asked everyone automatically knowing who he was referring to.

"I don't know last time I talked to them it was only for a few minutes they can't risk getting caught." I said to him.

"I hate keeping this from her" Tre said.

He had a point. I dont like keeping things from my family especially considering everything shes been through. But we cant tell her at least not now.

"I just hope when she finds out she understands. She has to understand" Chris said next to me shaking his head. He's stressed. We all are.

Everyone was quite for a second thinking. "Are you sure we cant tell Spencer?" Brian asked me.

I shook my head "We all know Spencer is closest to her, If he finds out he's going to tell her and we cant risk that. We cant take chances here." I said putting my hand down

Like I said I hate keeping things from my family, but ultimately Chris and I agreed it's better if she doesn't know. The chance of him telling my sister is too high.

My aunt came up to us with her comforting smile holding a tray of drinks.

"Here you go boys" She said passing out our drinks

"Thanks tia" i said to her. My aunt is a huge part of my life, of all of our lives really. she helped my dad out a lot with spencer when my mom left with avi. And she helped us a lot when my dad le-

"Wheres Avianna?" My aunt asked us.

"at home doing homework-" I told her but was interrupted when she flicked me behind the head.

"Que tienes en la cabeza"  are you out of your mind she said to me "She can't be left alone for so long you guys have been here for hours go back home"

"But tia we-" she interrupted me again.

she shook her head while picking back up our drinks "No no go back home to my niece now" she said in a hard tone and left with our untouched drinks back on her tray.

I looked back at my brothers who all had their mouths open with a frown.

"I didn't even get to take a sip man." Treavion shook his head

Pinching the bridge of my nose I said "Whens the last time any of y'all have talked to Avianna?"

"I called her before we left the box that was hours ago" Brian spoke up

Nodding I said "Call again tell her we're on our way"

Brian nodded and got to it. Getting up from the table I left my aunt a good tip- even though I know she'll talk my ear off about it the next time I see her- nodded a bye to my brothers and got into my car to go home.

Avianna's birthday is coming up and I want to give her something special. But I need to make amends first. I know I messed up, I know I was hard on her.

The sound of my cars bluetooth ringer goes off interrupting me from my thoughts. Seeing that it's Chris calling me I clicked the button to answer.

I didn't even get a chance to answer as he said "Avi isn't answering the phone"

My brows scrunched "What do you mean she isn't answering?" I said in a hard voice

"You heard me Alex she isn't answering the phone, she isn't even answering Spencer." He growled back.

I hung up and dialed to call my sister. My finger hovered over the call button.

What am I thinking? She's not even talking to me why would she answer the phone when shes not even picking up to Spencer.

Clicking the button I held my breath as I heard the angsty dialing tone.




"You've reached avi sorry can't come to the phone right now might wanna call me again"

I hung up and dialed again.

and again

and again

And still nothing.

After passing 3 red lights, and a stop sign or few we finally got the house. Not even stopping to turn off our cars the boys and I ran out of our cars

Unlocking the door with my trembling hands I pushed the door open and ran up the stairs. It felt like the flight of stairs was never ending.

Running down the hall to the last door I tried to push open the door but it didn't open. Its locked.

"AVIANNA" i yelled pounding my fist on her door. "AVIANNA OPEN THE DOOR"


Only sound that could be heard was my heavy breathing and the running footsteps of my brother.

"They're going to get the key." Chris said behind me "She's probably just asleep, its late"

No. Thats not it, that can't be it because that pain is still in my chest, something isn't right.

She's a light sleeper.

Shaking my head I mutter "Shes a light sleeper" I shove the door with my shoulder trying to knock it down when I hear it.

A muffled scream. And something hard being hit.

That triggers something in me to shove the door and breaking it down just as my brothers run up to me with the key. Stepping into my sisters room I can hear the the breaths of my brothers hitch, mine included.

Whats happening in front of us makes us go haywire.

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