Chapter 16

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Do I really want to? Do I really have to tell the truth? Why I freaked out when I heard his name

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Do I really want to? Do I really have to tell the truth? Why I freaked out when I heard his name. Why I cant sleep at night because of what he's done. Do I have to explain my scars? Do I have to explain why I put up my tuff guy act. Cant I just lie and say I don't remember?

But that's the thing, I cant lie to my brothers to my family. They've made me feel something I have felt in over a decade. A type of feeling I never knew I missed, I never knew I needed


So who am I to not tell my truth? Who am I to lie to them, what would that make me?

I know I have to tell them it may hurt but I need to. I need closure, I need that part of my life gone. But I also know that telling my family won't make him go away. Because he's here he's back and he's not going to stop till he gets what he wants.


I must have been really into my thoughts when I feel someone gentally shaking my shoulder shaking my and snapping back into reality I looked up to see Chris with a concerned face.

"Hey.. you okay?" he asked

"Yeah I'm fine" I said and gave him a small smile. He hesitantly nodded his head and sat down on the bed with the rest of us.

You're probably wondering how the seven of us all fit on a king size bed. Well I was sitting against the head bored with my legs in Brians lap who was sitting sideways, next to me was Mari who had Tre on the other side of her and Spencer sat across next to Tre side ways just like Brian while Alex and Chris sat directly in front of us. I know confusing but we made it work and everyone looked pretty comfortable to be honest.

"Alright First thing I want to talk about is how you ended up in school after hours?" Chris asked me

"I had to ask my art teacher a question about a project I had." I said

"Okay understandable...." he said

"What I want to know is how Mari found me" I said turning to face her.

"I was waiting on Spencer" she shurugged her shoulders

"But how were you at the school?"

"I go to that school Avi" she chuckled

"Wait really?" I said

"Yes were the same age Avianna" she said laughing

"How come I didn't see you sooner?" I asked which was a Big no no because she immediately stopped laughing and looked down at her hands in her lap. Did I say something wrong?

"Because our sweet cousin here has a habit of skipping school whenever she feels like it but that's all going to change" Chris said looking at Mariana with narrowed eyes

She mumbled something under her breath but I couldn't hear exactly what

"Alright moving on" Alex chimed in "What triggered your seizure?" Alex asked looking at me

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