Chapter 6

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Okay I'm not going to lie, I barely know how to use any of these things

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Okay I'm not going to lie, I barely know how to use any of these things. I've been sitting on my couch for 30 min not knowing what to do. Setting up my phone wasn't bad since Alex had already done it for me. But now what do I now? I've never had a phone before let alone a laptop take selfies? I laughed out loud to myself yeah right.

"Avianna?" Someone said knocking behind my door.

"Come in" I said back to the voice

In walked Spencer I haven't really had time to speak to him if I remember correctly me and him were the closest before everything happened.

"Hey um Alex told me to tell you that lunch is ready in the kitchen" he said swaying on his feet. His nervous?

"Oh okay I'll be right down." I said putting my phone down on the table and making my way out of my room behind Spencer.

Walking into the kitchen Spencer took a seat at the island where all my other brothers were seated. As I walked in everyone went quite, and stared at me I just stared back at them and raised an eyebrow.

Moments later Chris decided to to break the very uncomfortable silence. "Have a seat Avi" he said Gesturing to the empty seat next to Spencer.

I took a seat, in front of me was a sandwich with a bag of potato ships and a glass of water. I looked at everyone else's plates and saw that everyone else had the same thing but only they're sandwiches were much bigger then mine.

Everyone began eating and I just stared at my food. I don't really eat much especially after everything that happened in Mexico.

"Avianna is there something wrong with your sandwich?" Brian said in a rude tone

"Um no it's fine" I said and picked it up and took a small bite while everyone started talking I wasn't paying much attention to it I was just trying to focus on chewing and swallowing my food.

After about 3 more bites I felt really full. Everyone else was finished with their food and just continued talking amongst each other. While I just sat there staring at my hands in my lap

"Avianna eat more you barely had a few bites" Spencer said next to me

"I'm full I can't eat anymore" I said

"How can you be full when you barely ate anything eat more. Now" Brian said staring at me. I'm not going to to lie it was scary so I took more bites forcefully after 2 I couldn't anymore.

"I can't anymore. I swear to god I'm gonna throw up If I eat more" I said suddenly I didn't feel good.

"It's okay you can go to your room if you want." Alex said I didn't hesitate a second. I got up and left to my room.

Running upstairs I knew exactly what was gonna happen. Once I got to my room I ran to my bathroom and threw up all of the food I had just eaten. Suddenly I felt someone grab my hair and rub my back while I continued pouring my stomach out.

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