Chapter 19

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"Avianna are you okay?" I heard Brian say from outside my bathroom door

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"Avianna are you okay?" I heard Brian say from outside my bathroom door.

I had been sitting on my bathroom alone with a huge headache might I add. Just me and my thoughts, but I guess I had taken a long time because my brothers have been asking if im okay for what felt like hours when really it was probably 10 minutes

"Like I said 3 seconds ago, im fine" I said back to him, I hope I wasn't being rude I just needed to be alone for 3 minutes is that too much to ask?

"Okay we'll be out here waiting"

I got up and put on my shorts and Alex's shirt that he gave me which fell just above my knee and I went to my mirror and put some leave in conditioner which made my curls look alive again

I walked out of the bathroom to be met with my bed completely clean no sign of vomit to be seen and my brothers were also no where to be seen.

I walked to my bed and unplugged my phone and saw it was 5am lovely way to wake up in the morning.

I put on some socks before going downstairs to see where everyone is, walking into the kitchen I see all my brothers sitting at the table. In front of each of them was an omelet and next to Spencer was my empty chair with my own omelet in front of it.

I guess they heard me come in when they stopped their conversation and looked up at me in the door way.

I must look dead because I feel dead especially with this headache, I dont feel sick or anything given the fact that I just threw up almost an hour ago.

"Hey butterfly how you feeling?" Chris asked

I shrugged my shoulders and made my way to my chair, I sat down and brought my right leg up on my chair so I could rest my head on my knee and closed my eyes for a few seconds.

Seconds later I feel something at my mouth I opened my eyes in confusion to be greeted with Treavion with a thermometer in his hand.

"Open Avi I need to check your temperature" he said

I opened my mouth then closed it again, closing my eyes in the process and resting my pounding head once again on my raised knee.

After a few seconds a beeping sound filled the very silent room, treavion took the thermometer from my mouth and checked it

"98.9 not bad how you feel? Use your words please" he said

I mentally rolled my eyes "I feel fine my head just hurts" I said turning to my food and eating.

He mumbled something under his breath and they all continued their conversation from before I was here. I didn't finish my whole omelet I didn't even eat half.

"im done" I said pushing my plate in front of me

"come on avi just a little bit more" Spencer said next to me

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