Chapter 36

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My eyes widen.

"What the fu-"

"Someone go get a knife NOW" I yell as I run up to my sister

Shes unconscious, her mouth taped with a rope tied to her neck. Her face is unrecognizable, there's blood on her and her pink comforter. God what happened Avi?

My trembling hands keep me from untying the rope.

"I cant get it undone" I say my vision blurs which is not helping.

"Shit move Alex" Chris shoves news away and attempts to untie it her self "What did you do Avi?"

My eyebrows furrow. He seriously didn't think she did this herself does he? I walk up to her and check her pulse.

"She's not breathing" I mutter. "Chris she's not breathing hurry up" I yell at him. I move to start compressions when Chris shoves me away

"You put any tension on her this ropes just gonna tighten more" he says still trying to untie the knot

"WHERES THE KNIFE?" I scream just as Brian comes running with it.

We finally get her untied and Chris immediately starts CPR

"We gotta get her to a hospital" Trea says

"If I stop her pulse stops" Chris's breathes as he presses down on her chest.

I look around the room for something to put her on while Chris can still perform CPR but there's nothing


"We're going to need to stop and run with her, we'll continue them in the car" I say to him

"Shouldn't we call an ambulance?" Brian asks

"No well get there faster" I say as I scoop up my sister and run downstairs with my brother behind me.

I run out the house and into the back of the car gently laying her down and immediately start compressions.

Chris gets in the drivers side and speeds down the road.

I don't stop compressions.

My vision blurs as I look down at my sister.

"Come on mariposa" mutter as I press down on her chest.  "Don't leave me, not like this"


Beep. Beep. Beep

That's the first thing I hear, I try to open my eyes but a blinding light keeps me from doing it.

I try to move but I can't.

Shit did I die?

"I don't care Alex leave me alone"


Did Spencer die too?

"You have to eat Spence it's been days" I hear someone say.

Alex? Him too?

I have to open my eyes but the light is making my head hurt.

"I don't care about food, just leave me alone Alex I mean it"

Fighting the pain I open my eyes and scrunch as the blinding sun seeps through the window.

I look around. I'm in a room it's all white. I look down and see I' a bed? I try to turn my head but my kneck is so sore.

Okay so I'm not dead. Certainly dead people shouldn't feel pain right?

"It's been weeks Spence go home and rest I'll watch her" I hear Alex again

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