Chapter 26

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"Well what are we waiting for?" Brian asked standing up from his chair

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"Well what are we waiting for?" Brian asked standing up from his chair.

"We can't just go and capture him Bri" Chris hissed at our brother

"What do you mean? You know what he's done to our little sister, what more do you need to know that he needs to be killed??" Brian shouted at Chris making me slightly flinch which I think Alex noticed

"Calm down Brian no empieces" Alex growled at Brian

Brian rolled his eyes and sat back down

I understand where my brother is coming from, trust me, I would want nothing more then to see him suffer, but die? I don't know...

"Where is he?" I whispered looking down at my hand on top of the table

"you dont have to Avi were going to take care-"

"Where is he?" I asked more loudly looking at Alex in his eyes

He scanned my eyes for a moment "England" he finally said.

I furrowed my eyebrows "England?" I asked genuinely confused

"yeah do you know anything as to why he would be there?" Alex asked

"We lived there for a few months after mom met him but that's it"

"Why did y'all leave?" Chris asked

"We went because someone was out looking for Alejandro so we had to hide but it only lasted a few months." I shrugged my shoulders "So what's the plan?"

"Um no ma'am you are going to stay with tia while we go" Alex said in his 'parental' voice

"Um no sir im going." I stated

"Avianna its dangerous im not going to put your life in danger for some-"

"Alex you haven't seen him, worked with him. Your forgetting I have experience in these kinds of things" I rolled my eyes

I understand where my brothers coming from, I do but he doesn't know how Alejandro works. How he plans, how the navigates himself. I've lived with him for 8 years I have somewhat of an idea.

"Your forgetting who makes the calls here" he said looking me dead in the eye. He was mad

"And your forgetting who knows him more" I replied looking right back at him and his vibrant green eyes which have noticeably grown darker. oh well

"She's right Alex" Chris said to his twin. thank you

"Not now Chris" he said not taking his eyes off mine.

"Calm down Alex" Treavion growled at him next to me

Alex took one last deep breath and broke eye contact with me.

"You know im right Alex im not going to sit here with tia while you guys go into a fight you know nothing about." I exclaimed receiving a kick at my ankle under the table by Spencer who was sitting next to me

"Stop it " he hissed at me. Spencer hated conflict I can see him tense from the corner of my eye. I rolled my eyes in response

"So whats the plan?" I repeated for the 100th time this morning

The twins were quite for a few moments. Chris was thinking while, Alex paced around the kitchen.

"My men said he was in a hide out, so he's had to have done something, which means we have time to train a bit then go out and get him." Alex ranted

"And once we 'get him' then what?" I asked

"You don't need to worry about that"

"Yes I do what are you going to do to him?"

" Nothing Avianna were going to turn him in" Chris said behind me, I knew he was lying.

"Okay great so what's the plan?" I exclaimed to my obviously deaf brothers they're trying to beat around the bush and I'm not buying it

"Were going to train and head out there, he's having some sort of auction on what I'm guessing is drugs at. well go in undercover and at some point trap him, get him and that's about all I got"Chris shrugged

I shook my head. It's happening, it's finally happening, Alejandro is finally going to get caught. Is it wrong that I'm a bit happy?

The boys ate their breakfast and we talked- well they talked I was just scrolling through instagram, not wanting to be rude and just leave.

After we were all done the boys all had to do something for work and Spencer went out with is friends while I went up to my room. I was currently cleaning up my room since its been a mess since I got back from the hospital, when my phone started ringing, looking at it it was a FaceTime call from the girls

"Hello" I answered

"HEYYY CHICAAA" Mariana screamed to the phone

"Hey avi" Emily said

"Hey" I laughed

"Get ready were going to the beach" Jasmine said

"Umm I don't think that's a good idea" I said standing the phone on my vanity and spined in my chair

"And why is that?" Liv asked

"In case your forgot I kinda had a seizure and fell off a boat into a lake, not the best moment of my life" I said still spinning

"Well honey this is a beach and were going, its been forever since we've been together now hurry up. and stop spinning your making me dizzy" Jasmine stated

"I dont know guys" I said stopping myself and looking at my friends

"Your be fine Avi c'mon its just for a few hours." My cousin told me

"Fine" I rolled my eyes

"We'll pick you up in a hour" Jasmine said then hung up

I guess im going to the beach.


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