Chapter 15

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WHAT? I just saw him where is he? I frantically look around but the parking lot is empty

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WHAT? I just saw him where is he? I frantically look around but the parking lot is empty. Suddenly I hear footsteps coming behind me. No no no no your not going to die Avianna Vega.

I turn the corner and press my back against the wall trying to catch my breath. The footsteps get farther and farther and soon I don't hear them anymore. I poke my head out and see the parking lot empty. I let out a breath of relief.

Okay, I take out my phone and hold it in my shaking hands and I try to dial Spencers number but my vision is blurry, my head is starting to hurt. NO NO NO come on Avianna don't do it.

I close my eyes and sit down leaning against the Brick wall of my school. Breath Avi, I open my eyes when I hear footsteps running. Oh no this is it im going to die.

The footsteps come closer and closer. I stand their shaking finally the person comes stands in front of me. huh?

"Mariana?" I whisper, am I hallucinating?

"Avi! thank God we have to go!" she said and lifted me off the ground. Without thinking I hugged her.

"Hey your okay im here" she said stroking my hair I didn't even notice I'm crying till she wipes my tears away. I nod back at her.

"T-theres a shooter h-here" I say shakily to her

She nods "I know I know come on we have to get out of here" we start walking to the front of the school or Marianas walking im limping when I see a black SUV tinted windows.


I jump at the now familiar sound. He's back well really I don't think he ever left. Suddenly I see the Man come out of the SUV with a gun pointing at Mariana

"You better get back here little girl, Alejandros not going to be happy if I don't bring you back." He shouted- wait

Alejandro. He's back.

Out of no where I cant breath its like someone is chocking me, now my head hurts

"Avianna what's wrong" someone says but I cant hear anything anymore, my body starts to jerk and everything goes black.

Mariana's POV

"Avianna what's wrong?" I say as I turn to her, she's breathing heavily I need to get to her but I cant move there's a gun pointed to me.

I slowly take a step toward her

"DONT MOVE I WILL SHOOT" the man yelled I flinched at his voice.

I hear a thud fall to the floor and I see Avianna on the floor her body is shaking uncontrollably. what's happening.

"Whats happening to her?!?" the man asked

"I DONT KNOW" I yell

"AVIANNA AVIANNA" I run to her thankfully the man doesn't shoot. I try to stop her from shaking but its not working. I cover her with my body so the man doesn't see anything.

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