Chapter 3

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Without even thinking I slapped him across the face

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Without even thinking I slapped him across the face.

"It's Alissa for you" I said as I made my way past him up the grand staircase, praying to anyone up there that I remembered correctly where my room was.

Getting to the top of the staircase everything came back to me. In front of me was what used to be a a game room, now it just looks like a lounging area and then there was two hallways on my left and right side of me.

If I remember correctly my room is the last door in the left hallway. Crossing my fingers I quickly made my way to the room.

Taking a deep breath I turned the handle and walked in.

My breath hitched as I looked at my room. A lot has changed these past 10 years. Obviously Avianna that's a whole decade my Conscience told me.

I rolled my eyes at myself then took in what I was seeing. Walls covered in a May I add very pretty off white paint. In front of me was what looked like a king size bed with a beige bed frame and cream duvet covers with a few accent pillows. On both sides of the bed there was a black night stand with a pink lamp. What looked like a couch that matched the bed frame sat in front of the very huge bed and a coffee table in front of the couch? Why would I need a coffee table? To my right I spotted a door which I was assuming is a closet. And above me was a chandler which I admired a lot. This room is definitely not what I expected to see but I'm not complaining.

Closing the door behind me I set my suitcase down next to the bed and spotted a tv hung on the wall in front of the bed

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Closing the door behind me I set my suitcase down next to the bed and spotted a tv hung on the wall in front of the bed. Okay Im gonna admit I pretty happy about that I haven't watched tv in YEARS.

Making my way around the room I see a brown dresser filled with bras, underwear, pajamas, shorts, and swimsuits? Okay weird hopefully they fit.

Making my way to the closet door I opened it and to my suprise I see a bathroom! Legit a bathroom in MY room wow this is weird.

First thing I see is a sink with a LED mirror above it. Opening the cabinets and drawers I see toiletries, toothbrush, several brand of toothpaste which is unnecessary. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, perfume which may I add is from Gucci? Again another unnecessary waste of money. And curly hair products.

Walking through a walkway I see a shower with sliding glass doors a bench and a toilet of course glad to see that there.

Walking back out to where the sink is I see ANOTHER door to my left. Opening it I see a WALK IN CLOSET. Okay this is getting out of hand. Waking into the closet i see it's all packed with clothes. Who needs this many clothes. Will they fit? Checking the sizes, to be honest I don't know what I'm looking at because I don't even know my size. All I wear are jeans (which fall all the time might I add) and very oversized hoodies.

Walking out of the bathroom I sit down on the couch and stare out in the window on the right side of me. I see what looks like another house which is much smaller then this one and a very pretty pool. Too bad I can't swim I don't think I've even gone into a pool.

Why did they bring me back? After everything why now? Right when I'm having a somewhat normal life. Did they want to hurt me? Or are they gonna play me like they did 10 years ago? If there's one thing I learned from the past five months. Don't trust no one. Margaret, I didn't fully trust her I thrusted her on the basic things, like not hurting me, not feeding me poison you know the usual.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I said

In walked Christopher. "Hey avi-"

"I told you it's Alissa" interrupted him

"Listen Avianna I know you may feel upset but we need to talk" he said in an annoyed voice

"Alright talk." I said folding my arms across my chest and leaning back into the couch

"Okay" he said taking a deep breath "when mom took you away it affected all of us-"

I interrupted him again "didn't seem like it" I mumbled

He closed his eyes and took another breath then opened his eyes again "it affected all of us Avianna. We couldn't get mom to let you stay, I don't know how much you remember but mom said she would hurt you if we came after you. We didn't know where she was gonna take you. It took about 6 years to locate you, and when we did we hired people to watch after you. And before you say anything, we couldn't take you. Mom still had that threat held against us, and we didn't want you to get hurt. 6 months ago when we got the news that mom died, we took that as out chance to take you but the police said you were no where to be found. So we reported you missing." He said looking at me with a look in his eyes. Relived?

Meanwhile I just had my resting bitch face on.

I mean what do I say? How do I know he's not lying to me? So just decided to stay quite

He continued "That's when I found out you had your name changed, which I don't know how you did that but you did" with an amused look on his face which was quickly masked with his normal emotionless face.

"When I found out where you were I had you guardianship finally turned to me. And that's it. "

"Okay." I said I'm a mono tone

"Okay that's it?" He said confused

"Yes. What do you want me to say Christopher? I have so many questions, for starters how do I know your not lying? What about dad you never mentioned him in any of this. Where's the rest of our family? I don't see them? Where did you get the money to buy all this stuff? Why do you want me back? How do I know your not gonna hurt me? You were wrong about that when mom said she wouldn't hurt me."

I practically shouted at him and immediately covered my mouth with my hand when I realized that last thing I said.

Christopher's beautiful green eyes all the sudden looked dark "what do you mean I was wrong about that?" He said

"Nothing I just meant-"

"Avianna I swear to god if yours lying-"

"Chris is she here yet?" Someone shouted from downstairs

"Alex?" I whispered

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