Chapter 14

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"I can't do it" I said

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"I can't do it" I said

"Come on baby you have to learn to fight for when I'm not here anymore, I won't be here to protect you" she said

I turned to her "Mom this is too much why can't we just go back with dad"

"Avianna! shut up and do it" she shouted

I turned around and grabbed the gun in my trembling hands remembering everything my mom taught me on how to hold it I did just that. I held it up and aimed it at the target.

"Ma I cant do it" I cried to her. Growing up hearing and seeing guns is one thing but to actually use one is a whole other thing

She rolled her eyes "Avianna Erika Vega do you want me to go call Alejandro to encourage you?"

"n-no! no ill do it" I said and turned back to the target

Come on Avianna you can do it, just one little thing. I tried to control my breathing and tame my trembling hands, I aligned the gun to the target...... and I pulled the trigger.


The sound of a gunshot shook me out of my flashback. Frick what do I do?

Think Avianna think, I looked around to see that there was no one in the hallway, at least no one I can see. I ran into an open class room and locked the door. I pushed the teachers desk to block the door just in case.

I'm not trying to die here.

I took out my phone to call Spencer but no signal. Well that's great.

I looked around the class room and saw the class phone I dialed Spencers number but the line wasn't in use. UGHHH looking around the class room to see if anything could protect me my eyes landed on one thing.

Fire alarm.

YES perfect! I ran to it and tried to open the thick glass that was covering It but it wasn't opening how would can they expect us to pull it incase of emergency if I cant even open it in the first place? life is not working in my favor at the moment.

Looking around the class room once again opening drawers cabinets anything that can break glass, but ending up with nothing.

Going to the back of the class room I realized I was in a science lab. I opened another cabinet to reveal rows of microscopes. PERFECT

I pulled one out and made my way back to the fire alarm. Okay how was I going to do this, just full blown throw it? or smash it? who cares.

I raised the microscope in the air ready to smash it-


Another Gunshot the noise startled me making me drop the microscope making it land on my toe

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