Chapter 33

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Spencers POV

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Spencers POV

10 years ago...

"come on butterfly we have to leave now if you want to go ice skating"  Our dad said walking into our sisters room.

Today was Avi's birthday she's turning five years old today and our parents promised her we could go ice skating and she has not stopped yapping about it since last week.

"But daddy I forgot how to tie my shoes" she says as tears streamed down her face

We were currently sitting on her bed everyones ready to go- of course except my sister.

"I tried helping her but she won't let me!" I exclaimed to my dad. I hate when Avianna gets like this, she doesn't let no one help her she wants to do it all by her self. Hard headed

My dad approached us and kneeled down In front of avi.

"Mariposa can you let your brother help you?" our dad asked her

She shook her head "I know how to do it! mama taught me but I forgot" she sobbed some more.

"Well then let me remind you!" I told her trying not to sound mad because if im mad she'll only cry some more.

"NO! I can do it im five years old!" she shouted at me holding up five fingers.

I rolled my eyes.

"How about daddy tells you and you can follow my directions?" he said brushing tears away from her puffy face

She sniffled "Okay"

My dad continued to explain to her how to tie her shoes which lasted a good 10 minutes.

"see spenther I told you I could do it" she tells me with her littler lisp.

"Whats taking y'all so long ya vamonos" (lets go) My mom said walking into the room

My dad got up from kneeling and picked Avi up, holding her in his arms. "Sorry amor were going" my dad responded

she nodded "You excited mariposa?" she smiled at my sister.

She excitedly nodded her head "Im so excited mama!" she screamed

My mom held out her arms "Well come on your brothers are already in the car" she said receiving her from my dad "Come on Spencer" she said kissing me on the cheek


"Come on Avi class is done" Mari said nudging me on the sholder interrupting me from my memory.

I looked around to see most of my 7th period class already out the door. Gathering my things I walked out of the classroom and to my locker grabbing my things to go home.

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