Chapter 35

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Jumping awake from my dream  I check my surroundings, trying to control my breathing

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Jumping awake from my dream I check my surroundings, trying to control my breathing. Its late, my brothers should be home. Did they come home and not let me know?

My room is dark, only light is the moon light coming through the window.

Wait what?

Turning my head toward the window I notice the windows open . The breeze of the night causing goosebumps to form on my skin. Something isn't right.

Pulling away the covers I slowly swing my legs over the bed and walk towards my window. I reached out to close it suddenly my breaths taken for me.

My eyes widened as I reached up to my neck feeling a rope wrapped around it.

"Hello Mija " I heard his voice whisper in my ear.


What?!? how is he here? he's supposed to be in England, Ive barely even trained.

His grip tightens for a few seconds, causing my vision to blur and black spots to appear.This cant be how I die, I need to fight. Trying to focus on the task of lifting my leg to kick him but my energy is gone.

Finally he loosened the grip around the rope allowing me to lean over my knees and take a breath of air immediately coughing

I feel his body walk around me to face me as I dry heave . "Long time no see huh Mija?"

After catching my breath and giving my lungs the air it needs I look up at him. He hasn't changed. Not one bit. It feels like his suite is still the same suite I last saw him in. His hair his styled with 4 gallons of gel, his beard is perfectly trimmed, and his eyes...god his disgusting eyes are still black and dead.

I stand up straight "Not enough" I say shacking my head

He arches a brow "Nice little home you got here. You know when I found you here asleep I took the pleasure of looking around where you've been staying the last few months. Pretty nice place, I personally think the basement back home is better for you but hey that's my preference, right?" he said grinning with his yellow teeth. You'd think with all the money he has he'd get his teeth whitened or something.

Home. He thinks that's my home. this is my home. This room, this house the people in it are my home.

As much as I want to say all these things to him, I cant. I need him to think im the innocent weak girl he last saw me as. So I stay quite, not giving him a reaction.

"Awe what's wrong? did you forget the rules?" I feel his fist before I feel it slam into my jaw causing me to jerk back.

Ignore the pain Avianna.

"You know you always respond back to me when I speak to you." He growled at me "Did coming to live with your mom change that pretty little head the I trained so well? hmm??" He yelled

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