Chapter 18

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A few weeks had passed since the shooting, it's been

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A few weeks had passed since the shooting, it's been... okay. School has been closed since that day and since we mostly did our school work on our laptops at school , we have been doing that but at home

The girls and I have gotten so much closer including Mari. Everyday we get together and do our school together then just hangout.

My brothers and I have been getting closer also they've definitely made sure to annoy me at time but I guess that what comes with having 5 older brothers. The twins and Brian have been out on assignments more recently which I found weird, but I haven't asked them about it yet.

They've tried to keep me distracted about the whole Alejandro situation but if im being honest, its not working. Plus their being really overprotective recently which is a pain in the butt.

I haven't had a seizure since the shooting and I couldn't be happier, I still get nightmares but the boys have been very good about making sure someones with me while I sleep, or I go into their rooms at night. I know its kinda babyish but that's the only way for me to not have a nightmare, and if I do there always there to wake me up before anything happens

To say that day has changed me is an understatement but I'm trying to live life the best I can. its not like I haven't been around guns or violence trust me I have its just... knowing my family was in danger it triggered something in me I never want to be in that situation again.

Currently it was Saturday and we had just gotten back from dinner with my Aunt and Mari. We got back pretty late since we stayed to help my Aunt close the restaurant, so we all went to our rooms to get ready to go to sleep

I had just gotten out of the shower and put on some shorts and one of my brothers oversized shirt. I have to remember to steal more from them im running low.

I went into my room and checked the time it was 11 but I wasn't sleepy at all, so I decided to lay on my couch do some reading. I was currently reading pride and prejudice, let me just say Elizabeth Bennet is iconic.

I was reading for about half an hour when Chris walked into my room.

"Alright butterfly time- what did I tell you about keeping you curtains closed at night?" he said walking over to my window and closing the curtains

I rolled my eyes "Can I just finish this chapter?" I asked

"its almost 1 and I dont like you up late" Chris said taking the book out of my hand and dog earring the page I was on

"HEY! dont do that!!" I said but it was too late the damage was done.

"Opps my bad I forgot you dont like that but you need to go to bed." he said setting the book down on my coffee table

"Who are you sleeping with tonight?" he said

"what if I just sleep alone tonight?" I asked

"I dont know Avi I dont want to risk anything" he said scratching the back of his neck thinking

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