Chapter 1

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"No please I'll do anything" I cried to the man

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"No please I'll do anything" I cried to the man.

"I can't just leave you here girl you need help" he said in a annoyed tone

It was pitch black outside. I don't even know what day it was all I know is 3 nights have passed since I left.

I was doing great. Okay excluding the half eaten subway I found in trash that I had eaten two days ago. Or me injuring my ankle yesterday.

Okay maybe I wasn't doing GREAT but if this man called the police they would see the bruises the could now be seen since the concealer had been washed off by the rain.

Just want to give a HUGE thanks to Mother Nature love you girl!


"Listen I'm fine really I was just on my way home" I tried saying In a calm tone

"Oh really? So why were you asleep on the bench?"

"I fell asleep" duh

"I can't just leave you here your obviously underaged and have bruises all over you" he said while typing something on his phone then placing it to his ear

"Hello I found-"

Before he could finish is sentence I did the one thing I was good at. I ran.

Hopefully he didn't notice. I thought turning my head to see behind me.

He noticed.

He was charging after me so I ran faster ignoring the pain in my ankle.

Once I think I've lost him I hid behind a car. Wondering where I was I looked up to see I found myself in front of a Walmart. PERFECT

grabbing the five bucks I had stolen out the back pocket of the man learned that trick on YouTube a few years ago. I walked inside going to get whatever I could with five dollars

Thankfully it was past 12 am thanks to the clock I found on the wall so there wasn't many people. Grabbing a pack of pop tarts and a gallon of water I payed for my things which only left me with two dollars and a couple of cents. Great.

Walking outside I sat on a bench outside of the store opened my pop tats and dug in when I told you I inhaled them I wasn't lying.

Unfortunately knowing this needed to last I saved the rest and put them in the pockets of hoodie then chugged the water also trying to salvage as much as I could.

After I was done I just sat there not knowing what to do.

Soon hours past and I saw the sun come up and more and more customers walking into the store so I set that as my signal to leave so I did

After walking for about and hour with my gallon of water in my hand right as I was about to cross I heard a car screech to the left of me

Leave it to me to not look before crossing.

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