Chapter 29

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10 years ago

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10 years ago... Alex's POV

"Alex wake up we have to go" my annoying brother shook my shoulders as I buried my face into my pillow groaning

"Leave me alone Chris" I said

"No hurry up dads going to be mad if we're late" he said as he started rummaging around my room, most likely getting clothes out

"Cant we skip today?" I asked getting up rubbing the sleep away from my eyes

"And get our ass's beat? No thank you. Hurry up get dressed" he said throwing me basket ball shorts and a muscle shirt and walked out of my room.

Groaning I  got out of my bed and slowly got dressed.

Today, like all days, was training we trained everyday for missions. I would be lying if I said I didn't like it, I love my job. I just hate leaving my little siblings and my mom for days even weeks sometimes.

I walked into my bathroom, brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face before going out of the room and downstairs for breakfast.

Walking into the kitchen I saw Chris and Brian at the island eating. Brian just started training a few months ago. He just turned 14 which means about 2 years before he gets to go on missions with us, but of course we need to get him ready and in shape.

"Morning" I said my voice still hoarse from just waking up

"Morning" they both said in unison

I opened the fridge and got out eggs and fruit and started cooking some breakfast.

"Good morning" my dad said to us walking in dressed in his gym clothes simple shorts and t-shirt

"Morning dad" we all said back \

"We have to get back a little earlier then usual  were having breakfast with a few of you moms-" my dad was interupted by crying coming from upstairs.

"Ill get her dont worry, Chris come finish these egss" i said to my twin and ran upstairs

Before going into her room i checked on Spencer to make sure he was still asleep, it was only five in the morning, too early for either of my little siblings to be awake.

Slowly opening the door i poked my head into his room to see him snoring away.

I closed the door and walked to the next one and opened the door to revel a crying Avianna on her small bed

"Hey mariposa, what are you doing up?" i asked her as i scooped her up in my arms. Immediately she rested her head on my chest as i drew circles on her back

"Bad dream" she responded all groggy

"Its okay avi it wasn't real" i told her walking into her bathroom.

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