Chapter 32

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Authors Note: I recommend reading the last chapter and getting a snack, this is a Long one

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Authors Note: I recommend
reading the last chapter and getting a snack, this is a Long one.


The sound of my alarm interrupted my first peaceful sleep in what feels like ages. Rubbing the sleep away from my eyes I glanced at my phone to turn off the alarm and check the time.

3:00 am

Just in time.

I laid back down and starred at my ceiling watching as the fan spun. After staring my fan for a few seconds I got out of my bed and walked into my bathroom. After doing my business, I brushed my teeth.

It had been a little over a week since everything with down, from Alex's out burst (along with mine), Spencers and I's moment in the music room. And I'm drained.

This past week has been......minimal. I only talk when I need to, I haven't had a proper conversation with the guys except for Spencer. Its basically, wake up, eat, say good morning, draw or play piano for the rest of the afternoon, eat dinner, train by myself downstairs at the gym and sleep. repeat.

I personally don't have a problem with it. But I know my brothers do and they're just trying to give me space. a lot has happened in the past few weeks and I need my brain to catch up.

Ive gone out with the girls a couple of times. Emily came over a few times, Mari as well I missed hanging out with my friends.

But now its a new day and I need to get some training in before the day officially starts.

Oh wait did I mention its the first day back at school since the shooting? opps must have slipped my mind.

Yep today we go back to school and im freaking out. Like really freaking out. I dont know how im going to react going back their. ha funny right? not knowing how you own mind will react to certain things...

Grabbing a sports bra and yoga pants, I put them on. I re did my bun that I slept with the night before, put on some deodorant and walked out.

I unplugged my phone from the charger and checked for any messages, after finding none I walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen

Walking very quietly so I dont wake anyone up I made it to the kitchen and grabbed a banana, peeling it as I made my way to the medicine cabinet and made sure to drink my epilepsy medication before making my way towards the twins office while eating my banana.

I Walked up to the door and twisting the handle very carefully and quietly not wanting my brothers to wake up. Lord knows what they'd do if they found me sneaking in the office at 3 in the morning. closing the door behind me I went to Alex's desk and immenditaly began opening drawers looking for it. after a few seconds of digging I found a folder labeled

The Box

Opening it im greeted with contracts and forms, notihing that I need.not until I flip the folder and see a set of keys in a small baggie taped to the back.

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