Chapter 24

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Do you know what if feel like to be trapped? I don't mean mentally, well actually yes mentally but also physically

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Do you know what if feel like to be trapped? I don't mean mentally, well actually yes mentally but also physically.

Like the world has you trapped and no matter how hard you beg for it to let you out it laughs in your face and makes you suffer more, no matter how much cry saying you can't keep doing this anymore it acts like it cant even hear you. Like your mute.

Because that's how I feel right now.

Trapped and alone.

Mom and Alejandro went out to go do something so I took the opportunity to play the piano a bit lord knows I needed the distraction

I limped out of my room wincing at the pain in my ribs from last night. I made my way downstairs to the basement. Its my safe space, the place I go when I just need to forget. Even if its temporary.

After what seemed like hours later of me limping down the stairs I finally made it. I opened the door and was met with my baby, my small keyboard piano.

I walked over the cold cement floor  and sat down on the small towel I had Brought down the last time I was here.

Alejandro doesn't like when I play, he says it feels like his ears are bleeding. One day he was so mad he smashed the grand piano we used to have. I was crying while he did it mom just stood there but I swear I could see a flash of hurt.
Mom loves the piano I mean she's the one who taught me, but I know she could never show it at least in front of Alejandro. Which is why she bought me this old keyboard piano and left it in the basement so he doesn't see it.

I turned on the piano and played a few notes before playing one of the many songs I had memorized. A thousand years.

It was the most amazing feeling, I was in euphoria I was in my own world. No pain, no yelling, no thoughts just me and the piano communicating with each other

I couldn't even get to the chorus of the song when the door to the basement was kicked open.

"What did I tell you about playing piano!" Alejandro roared as he charged to me


"You dont deserve this" he yelled in my face

"Im sorry I jus-" I didn't get to finish my sentence when he picked up the keyboard and smashed it against my head sending me to ground my head thumping on the cement floor in the process. My vision was clouded with dark spots for a moment I felt blood trickle down my face

But he wasn't done, he kicked me in my bruised ribs which still hasn't recovered from last night. I screamed in agony as he lifted me by my hair and punched me in the face.

I couldn't react, or defend myself I couldn't even speak

I was trapped.

Brian's POV

I was woken up by the worst scream ever to be heard. I shot up in my bed and looked to my left to see Avianna thrashing in her bed tears streaming down her face

"IM SORRY IM SORRY" she screamed

I immediately went to stop her from moving but received a scratch in the face when I tried to hold her down.

"PLEASE PLEASE" she screamed

I heard footsteps coming from behind me

"What happened"  Alex yelled running up to me

"I-i dont know she just started screaming out of no where" I responded

"Avianna! Avianna baby wake up" Alex yelled as he held her arms down trying to keep her from moving

"Whats going on?" Treavion said from behind me

"She's having a nightmare" I said

"No this is difrrent- AVI WAKE UP" Alex yelled again

"PLEASE STOP" She screamed her voice cracking

All of the sudden her eyes popped open and started moving around the room, but her green eyes looked different like they were unfocused

"Avi hey im right here" Alex said in a calm voice

But she wouldn't stop thrashing, kicking her legs which were tangled with the covers trying to get her arms out of the hold of her brother

"Shes still asleep Alex!" Treavion screamed to him

"Hold her legs"

"NOOO STOP IT HURTS" she continued to scream

I ran over to her side and held her kicking legs while Tre tried to hold down her arms, Alex scooped her up and held her tightly to his chest and rocked her back and forth whispering things in her ear while she continued to scream.

Finally she stopped kicking under my hold and her eyes were focused again, she was confused for a second looking around at Tre, Alex and I. then she broke out into sobs

"Shhh im right her baby im right here" Alex said holding her close rocking her back and forth

"It was so real it was so real" she cried into Alex's chest

"I know baby it over im here im right focus on my voice." Alex said to her in a soft voice while stroking her hair

You rarely see the soft side of Alex, well actually the soft side to any of us Vega guys but there's something about our sister that only she can bring that side out, especially in times like these

After Avianna calmed down a bit Alex tried to pull alway but she just gripped his shirt, silently telling him she isn't ready to let go yet. Alex seemed to understand because her picked her up and took her out of the room.

"This is getting bad" I said rubbing my hands up and down my face

"I know" Tre mumbled

Avianna's POV

Alex carried me to his room and laid me down on his bed, and held me tight against his chest as I continued to cry into his pillows

"Shhh baby its over its done" he whispered in my ear

It felt so real it didn't even feel like a dream, ive never had something like that in my life and I never want it again

When will I be freed from this trap?


Veryyyyy short chapter but I just needed you guys to see more of Avi's past a bit kinda a filler chapter


see you guys laterrrrr

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