The taste of you

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I drummed my fingers against the desk, impatiently awaiting for Hinata's return with the coffee beans stockpile from local coffee shop that Naruto manages.

It has been an hour since my personal assistant left my office. She should be back soon, the drive there would take only 30 minutes.
If traffic is decent, she should be on her way back now.
I checked my watch for what seemed like the 100th time in this hour.
Just then, I received a call from my mobile.

I dug my phone out of my pocket to see who was ringing me. It was Hinata. Not knowing what to expect, I answered the call.
"What's wrong?" I immediately questioned.
"Well.. President.. The manager here.. isn't allowing me to purchase all of the stocks." She softly reported to me, almost sounding afraid of my harsh reaction to this.

"Tell your boss we're a coffee shop not a direct supplier! There isn't any discount for buying in bulk." I could hear the familiar voice in the background, trying to sound calm yet the tone of irritation betrayed him.
My lips curved upwards as soon as I heard his voice, "Tell the manager I'll buy the goods at thrice of the retailed price."

"G-Got it." Hinata acknowledged it and hung up. She has been my personal assistant for over a year now, and is fully aware of what I'm like. Once I want something, it's either I get it or..

I get it.
There's no other way, I always get what I want sooner or later.

Another hour passed, and I tossed my pen across the table in frustration. Giving up at trying to focus at work, unable to distract myself from the waiting. The minutes passed so painfully slow, I finally had enough of the waiting game and pulled my phone out to speed dial my personal assistant.

I placed the phone against my ear, hearing the
dial tone but no one was picking up. I clicked my tongue, getting more annoyed.
Just then, something thumped against my door repeatedly. I walked over to it, with one hand still supporting the phone against my ear, I swung it open, outraged. "What-"

I stopped mid sentence, glaring at the shorter person who was carrying 3 cartons boxes. Their face blocked by the boxes. It was obvious he was the one kicking my door with his feet, my eyes diverted down to his dirty shoes.

Within a second, my narrowed eyes quickly softened when I realised it was a pair of familiar converse sneakers. I hurriedly shoved my phone deep into my pocket and grabbed the heavy cartons out of his trembling hands, "I knew it had to be you when we started driving here." Naruto stretched his sore arms upwards as I placed the boxes down beside my personal pantry in my office room where my coffee machine was.

"What can I say? I really like your black coffee." I smirked, tucking my hands into my pockets.

Hinata appeared from the hallway carrying one carton and a security guard helping her out with the remaining 3 cartons. She was sweating bullets and panting when she reached the entrance of my office room, she couldn't even thank the security guard properly.
Naruto sprinted to my assistant's side, helping her to carry the box for the remaining steps to my pantry area. "You shouldn't do this to your personal assistant. She's your P.A, not your slave!" The blonde haired boy in his cafe's apron lectured me as he stacked the box above the rest.

"You're lucky that your security guard helped, if not she would have insisted on carrying 3 cartons!" He continued, angrily, with one of hand on his hips.
The blonde looked so adorable, I couldn't take him seriously and cracked a small smile.
Hinata caught her breath, waving at Naruto to stop reprimanding me. "It's... f-fine. It's ..not President Uchiha's fault. I.. offered t-to."

My assistant seemed a little surprised by how calm I was with the delivery boy talking to me in such a tone but she was too busy trying to regain her composure. "Please sit, I'll make you some good coffee." Naruto offered Hinata, walking past me as if I was thin air and to the coffee machine.

Hinata instantly declined, she wouldn't sit on my leather sofa. She had always stood beside me as I held casual meetings with elite members of the society on these two $25,000 couches with a polished glass table in between and a fur rug underneath.

"We.. We better take our l-leave now." My soft spoken assistant suggested as she tugged on Naruto's sleeve lightly. The delivery boy turned to her, holding the hand she was tugging with him and reassured her that it was alright. My assistant's face immediately turned pink and withdrew her hand quickly.

While she was being flustered, Naruto sliced open the tape that was holding the carton's flaps together his key and starting to brew the coffee beans. Hinata quickly halted him, pulling onto his sleeve gently once again.
"W-we.. should really g-go." She stuttered, turning her now redden face away.

Naruto shot his eyes up at me from her, then shifted his eyes back down to her repeatedly to signal at me to do something about this.
"Sit." I instructed her with a soft sigh, tipping my head to the direction of the sofa.
She seemed appalled, turning around to look at me as if I lost my mind. She froze, uncertain of what to do next.

"I don't like repeating myself." I muttered, closing the room's door behind me. Annoyed by the soft gossiping of the employees outside of my office room. Their heads had been shifted out of their cubicles to see what was happening the moment my daring little delivery boy was kicking on my door.

But what ticked me off more was that I wasn't alone with Naruto as I originally planned. With all the stocks of the coffee beans bought by me, the coffee shop closed within half a day with a huge profit in sales. And I knew that Naruto wouldn't allow her to carry these boxes all by herself so he would appear right before me in my office.

Killing two birds with one stone, I would get my two favourites delivered at my door step without having me to move an inch. I thought my strategy was flawless until this happened.

She finally let go of my ex's sleeve, her hands dropped to her side as she timidly inched her way to the couch and sat on the edge of it, uncomfortably.

I paced towards Naruto's side at the pantry, pulling out three glass cups for him. "You owe me one." I whispered teasingly.
He punched me softly on my shoulder, "No, you owe her one!" He murmured low enough for only us to hear.

"Why would I? She's my P.A."
He stopped brewing, turning his head to me swiftly like a child throwing a tantrum. "You are ridiculous-"
"Is this how you express gratitude from someone who saved you from what could have been a hard long day of work?" I smirked, placing my hand on the top of his head.

He shifted his head away from me, "I didn't ask for your saving." He stated sternly and continued to make the coffee. Leaning against the counter, I watched him leave my side to serve the first cup to Hinata, thanking her for her hardwork once again.

Was he mad at me?
But I did this for him.
I spent at least $100,000 on purchasing all of his stocks just so he could end his shift early.
Arriving at my office was just a bonus. But I thought he would be at least a little touched.

Did I do something wrong?

Now that I have everything in the palm of my hands, I am able to give him the world.
But he doesn't seem to be happy about that.
What did I do wrong?

"Here." Naruto nudged my arm with his hand, and handed me a cup of freshly brewed black coffee in his other.
"Thanks." I took the coffee, sipping it slowly to take in the familiar soothing taste.

Even though I have tasted many black coffees made by renowned baristas and high class restaurants, nothing beats the black coffee my love makes.

It's very special to me.
Because he's very special to me.

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