The lover's love affair

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Thankfully, as lunch hour finally ended, the cafe was relatively quiet.
I decided to give a call to Sasuke to check in on them.
I wondered how were things going between them?
Hopefully, Sai hasn't died yet.

He picked up almost immediately.
"Hey. How's work?"
"It's fine, how is Sai?" I returned a question to him.
"Still kicking, unfortunately." He teased, I could hear him clicking his tongue playfully.
I chuckled at that, "I just wanted to say thank you again.. I greatly appreciate your help with Sai. I know he did me wrong, but I feel that now was not the right time to be petty about it. Especially since he's going through something seriously rough right now."

My ex hesitated over the phone for a few seconds, as if contemplating what to say to that. "..I know, and its your good heart thats gonna get you hurt. I'm just worried about you, that's all.."

I mean he is right, I could see where he was coming from. If I were to tell Sakura what I did for Sai, she too,would call me gullible and smack me in the head.
But I couldn't bear to leave him in the lurch. It's not even simply about Sai.. I just don't have it in me to hold grudges and leave anyone behind. Especially when they're in a vulnerable place and need someone.

How could I ignore that?
Turning a blind eye to those in despair could cost them their life.
And if Sai'd debts and the pain of betrayal got the best of him.. I would have to live with that guilt.


..I definitely have not forgiven him yet. But with so years worth of memories.. Being spiteful about his actions or laughing about his misfortune wouldn't help me move on either.

"Thank you for worrying about me, Sasuke. I assure you I'm fine. See you tonight, I'll bring some fried chicken for supper!" I smiled under my breath, I felt elated that Sasuke was worried about me. He used to be so distant. So cold towards me.

"Sure, see you tonight."

I took the chance to clean up the cafe before the dinner crowd could appear.
I was mopping the floor when someone dashed into the cafe frantically.
"Please be careful, it's slippery-"
My eyes caught sight of the pink haired lady who was trying to catch her breath.
"Oh, it's you, Sakura. What's up? Dying for a coffee?" I joked in amusement. I rarely see her running especially in heels.

She punched my shoulder lightly, "You won't believe what happened! After you left, Ino came back from her lunch break and learnt of what happened..-" She paused mid sentence to continue catching her breath.
"-And she told me she's terrified of going home, fearing that he would be violent with her and asked me for a place to stay tonight!"

I released my grip on the mop as it hit the floor, and turned to her in panic. "What- Then what was your response to her?!"
She squeezed the bridge between her eyes and sighed, "This is the crazy part. I had to agree, because she was tearing up when she pleaded with me in front of the entire office."

My jaw dropped, "S-So Ino staying over tonight?!" How could I tell my best friend that my ex is housing my other ex so Ino didn't have to be afraid of anything... Moreover, didn't she change the locks to her house with Sai?!

There was nothing I could have said that would have changed the outcome since Sakura had already promised Ino.

She nodded, "I had to tell you this in person as soon as I could so you won't get a heart attack tonight. A-Are you mad at me?"

"No, why would I be mad at you? I'm just wondering what is Ino up to.." I sighed along with Sakura.
What is she thinking?
I can't figure her out at all.
I don't know what her motive is.

I told Sakura I had plans tonight and would be home late, she agreed that it would be for the best.

I closed up the cafe and walked over to the near by 24-7 korean fried chicken store to get supper as promised.
My head was just getting filled with more thoughts as the minutes passed while waiting for my takeaway order.

I sighed out loud for the billionth time in frustration, fidgeting in my seat. First, the boyfriend is staying over at Sasuke's. Now to make things worse, the girlfriend is staying over at my house!

Why do I feel like I'm getting myself implicated in their relationship? I felt intrusive. I almost feel like the third party when clearly I... was the first one.

My heart stung a little when that thought ran through my mind. I must be insane.. hurting myself for a bastard like him.. after what he did to me.

"Order #615!" The lady over the counter shouted and it snapped me out of my head. "That's me. Thank you!" I took the box of chicken in a carrier from her.

Walking to the nearest bus stop, I passed by the convenience store and an idea popped up in my head.
What goes well with fried chicken?

This will help me ease my worries a little tonight.

As I was paying for the packs of beer, Sasuke called to check on me.
"Hey, are you reaching soon?"
"Yeah," I handed the cashier my card, "Just about 15 more minutes."

I boarded the bus and took a seat at the back of it. The smell of fried chicken could make my stomach growl but frankly I had no appetite for it, I was craving more of the taste of alcohol.

I alighted and walked a few more minutes to Sasuke's house.

He was waiting outside for me, as soon as he spotted me, he immediately ran up to me to help carry the packs of beer. "Wow, you're even treating beer tonight?" He smiled delightfully.

We entered the home, and Sai was limping out of the guest room on the first floor, "You're here!" His eyes lit up as he noticed my arrival.

"How's your ankle?" I asked with concern. I decided not to mention what I heard about Ino as fearing that it would upset him.

"Feeling better now that you're here." He smiled gently at me while Sasuke rolled his eyes. We sat together on a round dining table, both of them facing each other at my sides. They then grabbed the same drumstick in the box, amongst the many others.

They glared at each other, both refusing to let go of the chicken drumstick.
"I had it first." Sasuke stated fiercely.
"Well, you obviously didn't have a good grip on it, if not I wouldn't be able to get a hold of it." Sai snorted back, withdrawing his hand.

"Should have cherished it if you were intending to keep it.." He scoffed under his breath as he cracked open a can of beer beside me.

"At least I was faithful.." Sasuke muttered agitatedly. The atmosphere was getting intense as I awkwardly laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

"Cheers to a quick recovery!" I initiated, holding my beer can up in the air.
"To a quick one indeed." Sasuke smirked, his beer can in his hand colliding into mine.

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