The heart I hold onto

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I was humming a light hearted tune while waiting patiently for the bus to arrive.
I had packed 3 bento boxes for Sasuke, Sakura and I to have for an early lunch.

I was ecstatic to be cooking for Sasuke again, knowing how happy it'll make him as much as it'll make me.

I boarded the bus shortly and made my way over to Studio 99. I joyfully skipped to the security counter as I signed the guest form to receive a authorisation card to enter the office building.

There were many employees of Studio 99 coming down to have their lunch so I didn't need to share the elevator ride up with anyone.
I finally reached the 9th floor and I was way more nervous than expected when I exited the lift.

The middle aged receptionist called out to me politely, "Hi, may I ask who do you have an appointment with?"

"He's with me." Sasuke emerged from the corner, wearing an all black suit pairing it with all black belt, tie and expensive looking shoes.
"Oh, President Uchiha! Please go ahead." She hurriedly replied, waving me on to the President's direction.

Ah, right. He's a President of a Bank after all..

A smile formed on both of our faces as I made my way to him. He walked alongside me with in the hallway, guiding me to Sakura's office.
"Thanks for cooking for me." He smirked, tucking his hands into his pocket.
"I didn't do it for you! I-..I did it for Sakura!" I quickly shot him down, turning away so he wouldn't read my flustered expression.

"Sure, whatever you say." He uttered sarcastically as he eyeballed me attentively. I nudged him playfully as we entered the office room.

"Naruto! About time you two lovebirds got here! I'm starving!" Sakura stood up from her desk, she looked like the director of her own company. She was dressed so professional and stylish, her spacious office was decorated elegantly with a touch of pink.

Both Sasuke and Sakura has an individual office room, holding high positions in established companies.
And the other hand, I'm just a manager at a local cafe.

It was hard not to feel the gap between our social statuses.

"..We-we're not lovebirds!" I finally snapped out of my own thoughts, responding to her as I set the bento boxes down onto her table. She grabbed the one closest to her as she sat back onto her chair.

Sasuke and I took the two guest seats across from her, I subconsciously watched him as he opened the lunchbox.
I just wanted a peek of his genuine reaction to it. Because it made me so happy to cook for him again, I wondered if he felt the same?

His eyes landed on the rice and dishes, a small smile forming on his lips. He lifted his head to meet my eyes, embarrassed that I was caught gazing at him, I quickly looked away.

I could feel my face heating up and my heart thumping in my chest.
His cold hand touched mine and it startled me. "Those years.. I've never said it but thank you." My eyes shifted sheepishly to his. He was gleaming, his eyes were so tender and full of love.

He looked different.
It was nothing like I've seen when we were together, 3 years ago.
He was always so distant and cold.
But this time, he felt warm.
For once, it felt like Love.

I awkwardly withdrew my hand, "Please e-eat! The food won't taste good when its cold!" I stumbled on my words as I spat them out frantically. And I hurriedly diverted my attention back to my lunch, stuffing my face to calm myself down.

"It'll always taste good to me." He won't stop smiling as he savoured each and every bite slowly.

Was this really the same Uchiha?
He was never this overjoyed to be eating my food. In fact, he always felt like eating was a chore and a waste of time.
He was always so preoccupied with his work.
Come to think of it, it's the first time I have the opportunity to eat lunch with him during his working hours.

Maybe he isn't as busy now?
After all, he has already reached his goal of becoming President of ARX bank.
But I'm sure the workload and pressure would be tremendous..

My eyes glanced to his direction again unknowingly as I continue to think about him.
He may look like he's holding up fine, but that's just how he is.
And I know that under all that armour, he's  must be worn out.

To the entire world, he may seemed as though he is invincible, cold and merciless.
When we were together, after a long tough day at work, he looked forward to the nights where I'll be over at his place. Even if he didn't say it, he showed it. There was something about his soft smile when he would lie on my lap to rest his head. That's when I knew he's actually really tired and just wants a place to call home. A safe place to rest upon.

And that safe place happened to be me.

My eyes darted back to my food, before nervously shifted my sights up to him again.
He had that same soft smile while eating.

I couldn't help but wonder.
Was I still his safe place to rest after a long day?

"There you are!" A voice jolted me out of my thoughts and I quickly turned over my shoulder to look at the source of the voice emerging behind the office's door.

It was Ino.
She had her blonde hair in a high ponytail, wearing a black mesh top paired with a slit purple mini skirt and knee high boots.

Honestly, she looked hot.
It's no wonder Sai..

She gracefully stepped into the office, making her way to Sasuke's side. He wasn't paying her entrance any attention, "Tsunade and the team are going to have lunch, we were wondering if you and Sakura wanted to join us?" She leaned forward to Sasuke seductively as though I was completely invisible to her.

He rejected her immediately and Sakura politely explained, "My roommate Naruto brought us lunch, so please go ahead without us."

She arched her brow, looking over at the lunchboxes we were all having. "But we're going to a renowned restaurant, wouldn't you guys prefer to have some real food?" She asked, looking genuinely confused because she couldn't see the appeal of the bento boxes I had prepared.

I blinked at her words in utter disbelief, I was speechless. I knew she didn't mean to be rude, but I was pretty offended. It's rare that people of status can appreciate home cooked food by a non-Michelin starred chef, so I could understand her bewilderment.

Deep down I felt irritated.
I'm not sure if it's because the words are coming from the woman who stole my-

I stopped myself from finishing that thought.
I'm sure she didn't wreck our relationship intentionally. Sai probably lied to her, being the soulless bastard that he is!

"If you have nothing else to say, the door is behind you." Sasuke stated coldly. Its the kind of response he would give to people who weren't worth his time or attention.

Ino looked up at Sakura, almost pleadingly but Sakura shrugged, not wanting to interfere.
She hesitated a few seconds before finally turning to leave the office.

Sasuke left out a heavy sigh, shaking his head as soon as he heard the door shut. "What a nuisance."

"I wonder why she's so attentive to you even though she has a boy-" My pink haired friend bit her lip, slowly looking over to me. "Y'know.. She used to blabber non-stop about her famous painter partner. But now she barely breathes a word about him. I do find it.. odd." Sakura mustered her courage to speak her mind truthfully before she took another spoonful of rice.

Sasuke paused from eating, looking up to look at Sakura and I seriously.
"She told me she was single." He proclaimed.

My eyes widen in astonishment as I couldn't believe my ears.
She's single now?

What happened to him?

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