The ghost that haunts you

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Sakura was glaring at me all morning since I had stepped into Studio 99's meeting room. Tsunade was explaining the proposed apparel designs for the brand ambassador to my team and I, but I had no interest in keeping any of that knowledge.

Meanwhile, Sakura wasn't the only one having her eyes on me from across the table. Ino, again, was gazing at me shamelessly. I checked my phone under the table for what seemed like the millionth time. There still wasn't any messages from Naruto.

I suddenly recalled our texts exchange from last night. He told me today was his day off and that he was glad because he was extremely worn out.
He's probably still asleep then.

He could quit his job anytime, and allow me to care for him. But he doesn't.
Silly Naruto.

"Any questions so far, President Sasuke?" Tsunade called out to me from the front of the meeting room with the presentation flashed on the board. I squeezed the bridge of my nose, annoyed at myself for constantly thinking about that baby.

"No questions, carry on." I answered firmly.

It went on for another hour, filling me on the unnecessary details of every thought and reasoning behind every part of the dress, top or bottom. My personal assistant, Hinata was attentively taking down notes that I most likely will unbothered to read later.

But at least it will be submitted to the board of directors, and they'll have to do the reading for me before giving a progress report to Chairman Danzo.

It was now nearing lunch time and my team thanked their team for their efforts while I left the meeting room after briefly conversing with Tsunade about the good work.

I was making my way to Sakura's office room to wait for her to get lunch together, since I doubt Naruto would wake up in time to bless us with another home cooked meal.
As I was reminded of him, I naturally checked my phone for messages. While doing so, I was rudely knocked into someone who was tryiny to overtake me in the hallway. I clicked my tongue, looking up from my phone to see which unapologetic employee wants to lose their job today.

It was Sakura.
Glaring at me yet once again, as if I have offended her greatly.

"What?" I asked her, which she finally turned the corner and stepping into her office while I followed behind.
Shutting the door behind her, she proceeded to sit down on her chair and type furiously at her keyboard.

I raised my brow at this.
Did she just ignore me?

"Did Naruto text you yet? He hasn't replied me." I questioned, taking a seat across from her. "Oh, don't worry. He'll reply when he's up. After all, you're the expert at texting. How could he possibly leave you hanging?" She answered sarcastically while still typing away at her laptop.

I didn't understand what she meant.
All I asked was if he texted her.

But I didn't pry, it didn't really concern me. She was probably having a bad day.

The sound of every key being pressed onto was interrupted by commotion outside of the office room. Someone was shouting and causing a scene outside. Sakura eventually looked up from her laptop screen and left her room to investigate the chaos.

I shook my head, annoyed but not bothered enough to leave my seat.
Is everyone having a bad day today?

I scrolled through my phone's notifications and tried to clear up some emails. But I'm a man that greatly appreciates my silence and the shouting was starting to annoy me greatly.
It sounded like Sakura was also unable to keep the situation under control.

Irritated, I slid my phone back into my pocket and walked out of the room to check out what was happening. I clicked my tongue as I made my way to the source of the racket, it led me down the hallway towards the reception area.

Turning the corner, I was able to see a frantic man trying to get into the office. He was yelling and the security was holding him back, not allowing him to go any further. "Let me go, I need to see her! Fucking get off me!" He continued to struggle and pushed past them with brute force. It was getting physical now and Sakura was unable to get involved at this point. "Calm down! She isn't in the office now!"

"Liar! I know she's in there!" He responded to her with frustration in his voice.

"What the hell is happening?" I stepped in front of Sakura with my arm stretched out to tuck her behind me, fearing the emotional man would hurt her then my Naruto would be upset.

I arched my brow as he looked up at me straight in the eyes. It was him.

Naruto's ex.

The feeling of sudden anger washed over me and I had the urge to give him a good whack in the face for what he did to my baby.
"Hey! It's you.. I'm looking for Ino! Get them to let me through!"
He dashed forward and grabbed me by the shoulders almost pleadingly and desperate.

The security who was about to pin him down, hesitated and looked over to me for further instructions. "Do you know him, President Uchiha?"
I laughed mockingly "Hn.. Me?" Arching my brow with a smirk growing, "I would never associate myself with someone so disgraceful." 

I pushed him off me harshly and the guards immediately took the chance to tackled him onto the ground. "Fuck you! Get Ino out here, you asshole!" He continued his barbaric nonsense.
I tucked my hands in my pocket, and stood beside him where I could look down onto him.

"I don't know you. But do you know who I am?"

"Sasuke Uchiha!" A voice that pierced through me appeared, and I lifted my head up to see Naruto.
He dashed towards us, dropping the lunchboxes on the ground to push the security off Sai, I of course instructed them not to retaliate.

But yet seeing the lunchboxes on the floor fuelled me with even more anger.

Naruto kneeled on the ground, having a beaten up Sai in his arms. He looked up at me, his eyes boiling with rage as he exclaimed, "How could you do this?"

"Me? He's the one shouting for Ino." I tried to respond as nonchalantly as I could but deep inside I was so bitter.
So I intentionally named her.

Yes, you idiot.
The cheater is looking for her. Not you.

"Naruto.." He blinked in tears, his hand reaching out to touch his face.

His touch irked me.

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