The beginnings of an end

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Yes, I am an absolute hypocrite.
'You're important to me too'? He would laugh it off in my face in disbelief.
Its a fact I left him 3 years ago.

We dated for more than a year and I never once let him in on my thoughts in my head. I was always so cold and distant towards him that was why he was never able to read me.
It must have been a total shock to him when I texted him unpredictably telling him it was best to separate.

I remember that day.
I received news that I would be promoted from Senior Manager of Accounts to General Manager. Which means I would be assisting with not only the accounts but as well as the operations in the entire department.

And Love?
It was never a priority or concern to me.
It was just extra baggage. It was needy.
It wanted my time, effort and attention.
Something at that point of time, I couldn't give. I was only devoted and committed to my career.

I always kept a mental barrier between us and yet, I never expected him to bypass it. I had been alone, but I never thought that one day I would be capable of being emotionally attached to someone.

I could only imagine the hurt I've caused him.
Because after sending that text, I never saw him ever again. He didn't even stop by my place to collect his clothes and belongings.
All he replied to me was 'why?'

And I never bothered to explain myself.
I felt like I didn't have to, I didn't need to. It was my life, and I decide what's most important for me. I never once spared a thought for his feelings, I was too wrapped up in myself.
I didn't give a damn about anyone else.
So, I left him on Read.
And disappeared from his life.
Completely. Suddenly.

Until that night.

I dropped the pair off at their apartment. Sakura thanked me for the ride and exited the car.
Naruto, hesitated for a few seconds before opening my car's door. He never said a word, even though he seemed like he wanted to speak with me.

I grabbed his wrist at the last second before he could step out of my car. He turned around to look at my hand that was holding onto him, then up into my eyes. I swiftly let go after meeting his eyes. They were filled with sorrow and pain, it killed me.

"I won't take long. I'll see you upstairs soon."
He shook his head immediately, turning away and leaving the car. "It's alright, I'm okay." But before I could answer, he shut my car's door.

He was distancing himself from me.
I could feel it. He was doing the exact same thing that I did. Building such a strong mental wall between us.
And I don't blame him for it.
Who wouldn't be defensive to someone who had hurt them?

I pulled out my phone and texted Hinata that I was ready for the conference call.
It was the chairman's decision to call for this meeting, and she looped me into the meeting.
We waited for a couple more minutes before every member of the Board had jumped on the call.

"Good afternoon, everyone." Danzo greeted, he was the highest ranked in the Board of Directors.

"As you all know, we are currently working on branding and marketing our latest product - ARX Digital Card. There's insider news that Everte Bank is also releasing a similar digital idea. With that being said, we have to speed up our marketing plans. Any suggestions?" Danzo cleared his throat, sounding impatient and demanding.

"We could start promoting the card now by buying billboards and advertising spaces. Not to mention, marketing online too." One of the investors suggested.

"That is a marketing tactic we will do nevertheless. I need campaign concepts to stand out from the competitor!" Danzo shot him down quickly.

"For digital Products, your main target audience would be aged 18-35. One way to appeal to this age group would be having a Brand Ambassador." I proposed amongst the
noisy background noise of discussions.

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