The one that has my heart

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It was now nearing midnight and we were a few beer cans in.
I squeezed the empty can to taste the last few droplets of alcohol.
I pouted, seeing all the empty crushed cans on the dining table. I looked over to the boys and
snatched the drink out of Sai's hand, "Hey! You weren't suppose to drink more than 1! You're recovering!" I quickly gulped down the remaining beer he had before he had a chance to fight for it.

"Tsk, you're no fun." Sai leaned back into his seat, sighing.
"No wonder there isn't enough beers! You've been secretly drinking!" I folded my arms, complaining and glaring at him. I stood up from my seat unsteadily, wanting to buy more alcohol from the near by convenience store.

"You boys wait for me here.. I'm gonna get more beer! Sasuke, watch over Sai. D-don't let him drink anymore! And, don't fight!" I commanded shakily, pointing at the guilty one. Sasuke smiled lightly, rolling back my pointed finger into my palm and holding onto it. "I'll go with you. Don't worry about him, there isn't any beers left."

"I'm coming too!" Sai got up from his seat eagerly.
"No. You'll only slow us down, cripple." Sasuke spat out, getting visibly fed up with his presence.
"What the hell did you say, bastard?!"

Sasuke turned away from him and held my shoulder, "Come, let's go to the store. I'll get you more beers." I jumped up excitedly, unaware of what he said earlier to Sai. "Yay! Beeeeeer! Beeeeer!" Clapping enthusiastically as we left the house.

Sasuke held my hand tightly on the way to the store. ".. Will you be staying over tonight?" He asked eagerly but softly. I shook my head vigorously, "I can't! I have to check on Sakura tonight!"

"Why? Is she afraid to sleep on her own?" He arched his brow.
"No, there's an enemy in our territory t-tonight!" I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth.
"She's a formidable enemy! She has the power to steal your loved ones away when you least expected it."

My eyes lowered, with my feet glued to the ground. My heart sank as I blurted out my thoughts.
"I experienced it.. S-She did that to me."

I could feel my false joy slowly disappearing as the harsh reality slapped me with the real reason why I was drinking.
My walls were breaking, my facade was falling apart. And it only happens whenever I'm with Sasuke.
Only he has the power to do this to me.
"I lost to her.. And it left me wondering was it because I wasn't good enough..? Did she win because she was better than m-me?"

Sasuke was halted in front of me, still holding on tightly to my hand. "Don't ever think like that. People with temptation will always be easy to lose. It wasn't your fault. The ones that deserves you won't leave your side, even if you were deaf and blind."

His other hand stretched out to my face, catching my tears that suddenly escaped from my eyes. I was a drunken emotional mess.
"So.. Ino is at your place, huh? Is that why you're drinking so much? Are you afraid of facing her? Do you think you're inferior to her?" He wiped my tears off my face, I bit the inside of my cheek and frowned in defeat. I could never hide anything from him, he could read me like a book.

"Yes.. I'm scared-I can't face her. I don't have the courage to.. Her face brings me pain. Seeing her every damn time reminds me that I'm not good enough-"
"Stop there, you're good enough. Just because that asshole was greedy, doesn't make you any lesser than her. If you're with the right person, you'll be enough for them, you'll be the only one they see, you'll be the only one that has their whole heart."

He pulled me in for a deep embrace.
His words comforted me.
His warmth comforted me.

"You're the only one that has my whole heart, Naruto." He whispered into my ears. My lips curved upwards as a smile escaped. Tears flowed freely down my face again. But this time, it was because I was glad.

Glad that he still loves me.
If not, more than ever.

His lips touched my forehead as he planted a light kiss, wiping away my tears once more.
"I love you. And I'm sorry. For everything." He muttered under his breath as he withdrew himself.

My ex lover lightly tugged at my hand, reminding me that there were lonely beer cans waiting for my company. I leaped excitedly at the thought and quickly forgetting what I was even upset about.
That was the advantage of getting wasted, everything seemed so trivial yet significant at the same time.

Sasuke paid and opened one before passing it to me. "Here, drink slowly."
Ignoring what he said, I chugged it down as we continued our walk home.

He sighed and ran his hand through my hair. "How did you manage to live without me.."

"Another one! Another one!" I pleaded with him, giving him the cutest expression I could make. He shook his head sternly, "You didn't listen to me, I said-"

"To drink slowly! I will, this time! I promise!" I pouted, latching on to his hand for leniency.

He smirked and shook his head, sighing in defeat. He dug into the bag and gave me another can. "And how did I manage to live without you.."

"Yahooo! We're back!" I darted through the doors to catch a Sai asleep on the table. He blinked his eyes open slowly, "Finally.. What took you so long?" He stretched and yawned.

"Ah! Sorry to wake you." I bowed to him in apology. "Shall I carry you to your room?" I extend my arms, preparing to lift him up.

Sasuke put the beer cans down onto the dining table. "He can walk by himself." He grabbed my hand away from him.
"I don't want to go to bed anyway." He grumbled, "I want to spend more time with you!"

I folded my sleeves up, shaking my head in disagreement. "You're looking down on me! You think I can't carry you, eh?!"
He chuckled and put his arms up as if surrendering, "No, no. I wouldn't dare. You definitely are capable of carrying me."
"You're mocking me! I challenge you to an arm wrestle!" I placed my elbows down firmly onto the dining table, awaiting for my opponent.

Sasuke sat down, taking sips of his alcohol. He was looking out for me, making sure I wouldn't fall backwards.

Sai laughed even louder, "My pleasure!" And gripped my hand exhilaratingly.
"3, 2, 1!" We counted down in unison before the match began.
I was giving it my all, pushing my hand forward with all my might.
My hand started to shake as I was reaching my limit but his hand was tilting downwards now.

I used the remaining strength to end it.
His hand slammed against the table.
I cheered and celebrated with another gulp of alcohol. "In your face!"
Sasuke clapped slowly for me and Sai giggled,
"You're so strong, Naruto! As expected."

At that moment, I wasn't even thinking if he gave in and allowed me win easily because of my extremely drunken state..

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