The world doesn't deserve you

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My phone's alarm vibrated in my hand before I opened my eyes and took off my earphones. I jumped out of bed chirpily to exit my bedroom. I looked around my living and dining space, it was messed up chaotically with broken and overturned furnitures but nothing my cleaners and some money couldn't fix.

It was the result of a successful war.

I got ready in a jiffy, excited to see my baby.
Rushing out of the house, I told my maid I would be skipping breakfast and drove out to town to grab breakfast and the hangover medicine.

I called Sakura's phone as I waited impatiently outside their apartment's door.
She finally picked up after the 3rd call.
"Wassup.. Is Naru alright..?" She yawned and groaned, I could hear the tiredness in her voice as she was dragging her sentences.
"Yes, he will be. Open the door, I got you both breakfast."

Her voice perked up as she heard the keyword and jumped out of bed, "On my way!" And within a couple of seconds, the door in front of me swung open. The pinked hair lady greeted me quickly and assisted me to carry the bags of food onto the dining table.

She jumped in joy as she took out the avocado bagels, omelettes and toast. All great for hangovers.
"Even coconut water! Wow, Naru must really have a bad hangover." She stated as she started checking out the drinks I bought.

I left her to start breakfast and proceeded to check in on Naruto.
He was peacefully sound asleep. Taking the time to admire him, he looked like such an innocent angel. With his bright blond hair and his beautiful smile, he's too good for this world.

I stroked his cheek lightly, unable to hold myself back from reaching out to him.
He truly took care of me, but I didn't deserve him. He wanted to give me his world, and I didn't even let him in mine.
My regrets and shame started building up again, reminding me of all the things I should have and shouldn't have done.

But I would never cheat.

I couldn't love him well, because I didn't love myself at that point of time. I was in a dark place, only motivated by money and power. To prove to the world who looked down on me, that I was somebody.
When all this time, I was a somebody to him.
But now that I'm actually a somebody, I feel like a nobody to him.

It was so twisted, and now, I've learnt the hard way I would rather feel like a nobody to the world than a nobody to him.

A few long hours passed as I attended to some emails on my phone in the living room while waiting for my love to wake. Finally, I heard some movement coming from his room, my head immediately lifted up from my mobile to look into the direction of his door.

The doorknob slowly turned, and clumsy shuffling of footsteps could be heard. "God... my head-" Naruto emerged from the door, rubbing his temples with a groan. His eyes went wide as he saw me. "Wha-what are you doing here?"

I got up from the couch hastily and reheated his breakfast in the microwave. "I brought you breakfast. Here." I passed him a bottle of coconut water to rehydrate himself. 

"T..Thanks. Did I.. say anything stupid last night?" He took a sip from the bottle nervously as his eyes shifted away from me.

I sighed as I realised he had totally forgotten what I said to him. To think it was such a romantic moment that could pull anyone's heart strings too.

Now I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to say such cheesy things again.

"No.. You didn't." I assured him as I grabbed his breakfast out of the microwave and onto the dining table. Naruto took the seat opposite of Sakura's, she was working aggressively on her laptop.

I sat down beside Naruto, grabbing a plate for myself too. "Oh, you haven't had any?" He asked as I took one of the toast slices from his plate. I shook my head gently, "I was waiting for you."

Sakura coughed loudly in front of us. "Enough with the PDA! I almost feel lonely from here!" She started typing even louder with her keyboard and nails tapping against them.

"T-There's no PDA!" The blonde yelled in return, his cheeks almost turning pink as he violently tore apart a bagel.

"Here, have this after you're finished." I slide the box of hangover medication to him.

"I think I need a bunch of pain killers too. You would never expect what I endured last night with Ino!" She slammed her laptop shut and exclaimed loudly.

"What?" Both of us in unison, Naruto of course asking more passionately.

"I think she had the impression that Sasuke liked me, probably because of how much we're together. She was like a detective in a movie, interrogating me about every detail of our dear president, Mr Sasuke Uchiha." She shook her head angrily and slammed her hands against the table as she mimicked Ino with a higher pitched voice.
"What kind of girl does the president like? What is his favourite food? How many properties does he own? Like hell I know! She wouldn't get off my back, I slept so much later than expected because of that. She just wasn't satisfied with my I-Don't-Know answers." She whined and complained, pouting at the end of the story.

Naruto chuckled at response to this, "That sounds torturous.. Going to this extent, she must really like Sasuke, -.."
"No. Let's make it clear. She doesn't like me. She likes my money. But neither my money nor I like her. Got it?" I interrupted, fearing that he would put me in the same category as the cheating bastard, Sai.

He let out a chuckle, "Yes, yes. Mr President. We got it." His eyes scanned the living room behind us while chewing his breakfast.
"What's wrong? Did you lose something?" I asked.
He shook his head, "Just wondering if Ino had left already?"

"You won't believe what this evil genius did." Sakura snickered, holding herself back from bursting out loud.
I nodded proudly, "I reunited the lovebirds at my place and sacrificed my house as their war zone for them to sort their shit out. Aren't I the best?"

Sakura jumped and clapped, supporting my decision. But Naruto, on the other hand, didn't seem so elated about what I did. He completely stopped eating and looked at me.
"What.. What if they got hurt?! I didn't need you to do that for me!"


He jumped out of his seat but before he could leave my side, I grabbed hold of him.
"Where are you going?"

"To check on them! Did you even think this and the consequences through? Did you really think having them two meet while their wounds are still fresh, that they would miraculously made up?" He swatted my hand away and he ran to his room to get changed.

Shit. I pissed him off again.
Fuck. I really wanted to tell him.
I don't care about them.
I don't care if they made up.
I just want them out of our lives.

But I couldn't say it.. because I knew that wasn't the way Naruto thinks. And if he knew that I had thoughts let this..
Would he find me too cruel?
Would he find me incompatible?

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