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Judge Me Not ... by Vanicao
Judge Me Not Vanicao
June has a one night passionate encounter with a stranger named Dmitri. She then returns to her very ordinary life only to realise that 'her stranger' is none other than...
Sleeping with the Ex (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Sleeping with the Ex (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
While trying to get over his recent break up, Naruto decided to drown his sorrows at a bar. The next morning, he is greeted by a bedroom setting that isn't his.. But som...
The Naive Secretary And The Harsh Boss by electric_forest
The Naive Secretary And The electric_forest
Twenty-three year old Anastasia "Stacey" Marks starts working as a secretary at Havens Enterprise. She falls for her attractive yet harsh boss, Vincent "V...
His Baby by AriaAnimeLover
His Babyby AriaAnimeLover
Heather Valentine is one of the top ten business woman in America but one night alone went wrong and now she's carrying Kyle Hunt a multi millionaire ceo of a gaming com...
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bachelor In Love Series #1) by _musu__
Trouble With The Billionaires ( Muskaan
🌹Winner of Third Place in Chicklit Genre of The Second Ohana Awards.🌹 🌹Winner of Third Place In Chicklit Category of The Spring Awards 2018. 🌹 🌹Winner of Third Plac...
Gate: The New Era by DemonIsTooShort
Gate: The New Eraby DemonIsTooShort
A Gate opens up in Times Square, right in the middle of a war-torn world and a war-torn America. Having suffered nearly 3 decades of war, the American people will not st...
♠ Redamancy ♠ by MysticaldivineF
♠ Redamancy ♠by ♦Whimsical&Magical♦
#1 in Corporate out of 3K in Feb/Mar /April/May/June/July/Aug2020/ Apr 2021 #1 in Starcrossed out of 2.4K / June/July/August 2019-2020 #1 in Iss Pyar ko kya Naam doon No...
Entangled  by bluestockingAD
Entangled by Ayushi Dangi
"So do you think I'm dying to marry you...I too wanna focus on my company..." Gaurav said eyes filled with anger. "Oho... Is that so then why you come to...
The Businessman || Thomas Sangster AU by lhykabosslarry
The Businessman || Thomas lhykabosslarry
The Businessman || Thomas Sangster AU is the sequel to The Chauffeur || Thomas Sangster Description: Kathelyn Nicole Thompson loathed Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Thomas k...
FOOLISH: BAG LADY(Book Three) by Babynie__
FOOLISH: BAG LADY(Book Three)by Niecy Barz 🔥🛸✍🏾✨
MUST READ BAG LADY AND THE CONTINUATION OF BAG LADY BRFORE READING!!! We all heard Janessa Jones' story right? Now it's time for Desireè, we all think of her as that spo...
Tangled || ArShi FF by Erisedwitch45
Tangled || ArShi FFby Erisedwitch45
AU || Business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada has his eyes set on a small company run by the feisty young CEO, Khushi Gupta. She is unaware of his true intention, yet wary o...
MY HACKER 'BUNNY'🐰 by Charlotte109597
MY HACKER 'BUNNY'🐰by Charming Charlotte
Gate: Thus the FIS comes there. by Plister29
Gate: Thus the FIS comes Plister29
the FIS is also known as the federation of an independent system. the known largest multi-alien government with the head of state rules below is the council. they are kn...
Asphalt Knight: Ignition by Project_Velocity
Asphalt Knight: Ignitionby Velocity
Welcome to Velo City, where the American Dream died. The year is 2065. Corporations rule over a corrupt world government. The 1% live in lavish luxury while the poor rot...
Summoning The Sovereign Order(RESUMED)  by PanzerMarshal
Summoning The Sovereign Order( PanzerMarshal
(Nihonkoku Shoukan and Custom Stellaris Empire) Available on A convoy is escorted by an armada of ships from the Terran United Federation to colonize a dis...
The Fire Triangle, A Zootopia Fanfiction  -- Part One by JohnUrie7
The Fire Triangle, A Zootopia John Urie
It's been two years since Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps broke the Savage Predator conspiracy. Now a brilliant and effective team, they're only a few steps away from making...
Fortuity (Nalu) by Freshdaisy005
Fortuity (Nalu)by Freshdaisy005
Lucy is a 23 year old girl who lives with the Lobster family. After a series of horrific and unfortunate events for the young girl, she was to stay with Isabelle and Mic...
Unexpected Love by Curiouswords27
Unexpected Loveby Curiouswords27
Have you ever experienced the love that strikes at the most unexpected place, like the arrow of cupid went haywire, or like the love potion you made for someone landed i...
Cross Roads by raising_star
Cross Roadsby RK
Discover a world of brutal corporate politics, scandals, casting couch, sugar daddies through the eyes of an innocent victim -Abhilasha Bhayani. Her dreams of making it...