The poker face

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As Hinata and I were the first ones to depart from the Studio 99's office building, we were the first ones to arrive at the posh restaurant.

The waitress walked us to our private dining room and we took our seats on the long table. Shortly after, Tsunade and her employees reached in batches depending on whose ride they hopped on. Sakura took a seat beside me as we waited for last group to appear.

Ino was in that last group and frantically overtaking her colleagues, sprinting into the room before taking the seat across from me.
I raised my eyebrow in suspicion but said nothing to her.

After a few seconds of settling down, she cleared her throat and composed herself before breaking the ice between us. "I heard the Lobster Pasta is really good here." The blonde girl ran her fingers through her hair nervously, tucking loose strands behind her ear.

My eyes landed on her nonchalantly, "Oh?" I replied and started browsing through the menu.
Her eyes fluttered anxiously around the room, searching for another topic to converse about with me. She cleared her throat tensely, "So.. President Uchiha, what made you want to work with us? I heard you specifically asked for Sakura."

I continued flipping the pages of the menu, annoyed by her talking. Without taking my eyes off the menu, I stated bluntly to her.

"I don't think I owe you an explanation."
Sakura overheard part what I had said and nudged me from under the table, "Stay cool, she doesn't recognise you from the coffee shop." She pulled up the menu to her face, covering her lips as she whispered to me.

I clicked my tongue, getting even more agitated.

Usually I would never allow my personal life to interfere with my corporate life.
But this time, it is an exception.
I could care less about remaining professional now.

Seeing her face reminds me of the possibility that she could have hurt Naruto intentionally. And it irked me so much to the point that I would literally have Tsunade terminate her right here and she would disappear in front of me this instant.

But fortunately for her, I could foresee Naruto disagreeing with my actions. And I can't risk him being upset with me again.

"Good afternoon, Sirs and Madams. May I ask if you are all ready to place your order?" The waitress gracefully stepped in the room after knocking gently on the door. 

Tsunade leaned across the table to look at everyone, checking if everyone made up their mind on what to order.
"I'm ready!"
"Good to go."
"Lets order, I'm starving!"
Everyone at the table indicated they were prepared to place their order.
Her eyes landed on me, "President Uchiha?" She asked respectfully.

I snapped out of my thoughts, turning to look at her at the end of the table.
"Ladies first."

She smiled sweetly in response before giving her order to the waitress.
When it was my turn to order, I went with the Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo.

"Make that two please." Ino swiftly added.

"Thought I would jump in with your decision, as you look like a man of good taste." She turned back to me, initiating the conversation yet again. 

What is it with her and that unwavering persistence?

I shook my head, shutting her down immediately. "Taste is subjective. Don't blame me if you end up disliking it." I sneered at her, pulling out my phone from my pocket.

I could hear somewhat of a jittery response from her but her voice faded into the background as I diverted my attention onto my screen.

I grinned when I finally saw not one but two text messages from Naruto.
2:48PM - "Crap, I totally missed these text messages! Sorry, I didn't mean to give you the cold shoulder."
2:49PM - "Remember to eat your lunch!"

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