The opportunity arises

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I was seated at the waiting area as Hinata registered us as guests at the front desk. Sakura was seen emerging from the lift, waving when she spotted me.

"Good afternoon, President Uchiha." She greeted playfully, she must have found out when her colleague called my assistant.
"I am honoured. The world's renowned fashion designer has came to pick us up personally." I played along, standing up to shake her hand.

She slapped it jokingly, "Jeez, Sasuke. Don't need to be so formal with me."
"President Sasuke, we're good- to.. go.." My personal assistant's voice trailed off when she caught glimpse of Sakura teasing me.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. The leading fashion designer ARX Bank have hired for this project." The pink haired woman stuck out her hand to Hinata with a warm smile.

"I'm.. Hinata Hyuga, President Sasuke's personal assistant." She shook the confident woman's hand gently.
They both exchanged name cards before Sakura played host and guided us to the 9th floor where the meeting would be held.

I entered the meeting room to see a older blonde woman already seated at the table as if waiting for my arrival. She got on her feet calmly and gave me a firm handshake. "Pleasure to meet you, President Uchiha. I am Tsunade, the Founder of Studio 99."

"Pleasure's mine." I responded.

Another boring hour passed as Hinata went through the contract details with Tsunade. It was now nearing 1pm. I was twirling my fountain pen impatiently, wanting to get the signing done and over with.

Checking my phone once again to search for any notifications from Naruto.
But there wasn't.
It's evident now that he was still angry after all.

I sighed, looking over at Sakura who was sitting across from me on her laptop.
I leaned forward to her and this movement caught her attention. She peeked at her employer who was seated a few chairs down from us before getting closer to me.

"Did Naruto talk to you last night?" I asked, lowering my voice.

"Yeah, he was ranting about you purchasing all his store's stock and getting your personal assistant to carry it." She whispered before chuckling a little. "Can't believe you actually got someone that's so delicate to carry cartons for you!" She shook her head while trying to suppress her laughter.

I let out another light sigh, rolling my eyes. "That's not what I intended."

"What do you mean?"
"I got her to do it because I predicted Naruto would help deliver them to my office." I explained, feeling misunderstood.

Damn. With Sakura's view on the situation, it suddenly struck me how bad it looked.
I finally understood why Naruto was angry at me now.

I immediately excused myself from the meeting room, telling them I had to make an urgent call.
I quickly dialed Naruto's number and put the phone against my ears to hear it ring.
I paced the quiet hallway, looking out the tall windows.
The line cut and three beeps could be heard indicating he had rejected my call.

I clicked my tongue at how stubborn he was. Still determined, I rapidly typed out a text message to him.

1:03PM - Pick up the phone. Let me explain myself.

I gave it a minute before ringing him.
But it got cut again.

1:05PM- I won't do it again. Just pick up.

I called him again shortly after I hit send.
"President Sasuke, you may sign it now." Hinata called out to me, sticking her head out of the door to look for me in the hall way.

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