The guilty and the broken

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"Liar! He's not good.. to me. He's the one that broke my heart.." Naruto whimpered after falling back onto the pavement right outside of the bar when Sakura failed to pull him up.

I frowned in anguish, looking at him on the ground.
He was shivering with tears beginning to escape his beautiful blue eyes.

Sakura continued trying to yank him off the ground, but her hands and feet were too unsteadily. I told her to wait for us in my car, passing her my digital car key. I scooped the crying baby off the ground and started walking to the parking lot.
"He.. he was my first love.. and h-he left me without a warning.. without an explanation. He j-just.. disappeared one day." He mumbled in my arms, his eyes now squeezed tightly closed that a frown was forming on his face with tears  rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably.

"Sakura.. D-did I do something wrong?" He hiccuped, between words and his cries.
Reaching my car, I could see Sakura through my heavily tinted windows that she was fast asleep in the backseat with her head resting against the window.
"No, you didn't do anything wrong." I answered him as I placed him in the passenger seat, buckling his seatbelt.

I wanted to withdraw myself after fastening his seatbelt, but the intoxicated boy tugged my sleeve firmly. His sudden pull of energy almost caused me to fall right on him. I instinctively propped one of my hand against the head rest so that I wouldn't land on him. His face was inches apart from mine, our noses almost touching. His sapphire eyes looked up into mine, locking me in. "Then.. tell me.. Why-Why he did leave me?" We were so close, I could feel the warmth of his breath when he spoke.

I was so mesmerised by his beauty, and being so close to him.. I almost couldn't control myself. 

"Because.. he was an idiot." I whispered to him, involuntarily leaning in closer to him. My lips parted slightly, preparing for the soft touch of his.

I stopped myself abruptly, realising what I was doing. His eyes was already closed, and tears seem to be drying up now. I moved away from him, rubbing my thumb against his cheek to wipe away the remaining tears before closing the door lightly.

Both of them were now fast asleep.

I parked the car in the parking lot at the basement of their apartment building and looked at the both of them who were both still in deep slumber.
There was no way I could carry the both of them at the same time.
I decided to carry Naruto up first then I'll come back down for Sakura.

I searched for his keys to his apartment before lifting my baby out of his seat. I shut the car door with my leg and made my way into the lift. With just having a minute passed before we reached the designated floor, it seemed like eternity. I would choose for time to stand still and have him in my arms forever if I could.

My lips cracked a smile as I tucked him into bed. My hand ran through his soft blonde hair before forcing myself to leave his side.

I returned to my car, retrieving Sakura.
Unlike Naruto, she was a light sleeper and awoken as soon as I took her in my arms. "What..What are you doing? Put-put me down!" She exclaimed, shocked. Her face went more red than it already was.

I placed her on her feet, "Are you sure you can you walk?"
She nodded, storming off leaving me behind.

I locked my car, and headed to the lift where
she waited for me, her eyes unable to look at me. Her trembling hands pressing onto the button to keep the doors open for me. I entered the lift, "You alright?"

"Y-Yes." She mumbled, looking away as if not wanting me to look at her.

"Where's.. Naruto?" Her voice sounded jittery.
"In bed." I answered, indifferently.

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