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n a r a - l i k e  u z u m a k i | naruto by __syumeiro--
n a r a - l i k e u z u m a k i |...by yume
Uzumaki Shira and Uzumaki Naruto are twins. He is loud, brash and an idiot, plus a ball of energy. While she's quiet, gentle at times and a genius, plus a ball of lazine...
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Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic) by Relative501
Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic)by Itsuki
This is a story about Yato Uchiha is a boy born during a devastating attack on his home village. The attack was of the nine tailed fox. During all the chaos two childre...
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The Strength of the Weak {A Naruto Fanfiction} by InfernoAeolian
The Strength of the Weak {A Naruto...by InfernoAeolian
The Uchiha clan - a prestigious noble clan of Konohagakure, renowned for their infamous and deadly kekkei genkai, the sharingan. Few have the honor of being born into th...
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Another jinchuriki?!|Naruto various! X reader| by deste_4real
Another jinchuriki?!|Naruto variou...by Author-Senpai
Sadness hides behind a mask made of a smile. After loosing everything, how can a girl regain a smile with no motivation? That was a simple thought Y/n did not except. Be...
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X OUR TRAGEDY X [Senju Tobirama AU] by Itachi-warrior
X OUR TRAGEDY X [Senju Tobirama AU]by Washi
Marriages are not a result of only love. Sometimes it is the opposite. Morinome Niyo is a woman who bows to no one as is Senju Tobirama. What happens when both of these...
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Wanderer » Naruto by peachyshit
Wanderer » Narutoby y
[ OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED] Miyako's life has never been easy. A 'scourge', as many dubbed her as, born to two of the most wanted criminals across the five great shinobi...
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New Pet (Mafia Boss Madara x reader) [COMPLETE] by thelastheckinyeehaw
New Pet (Mafia Boss Madara x reade...by thelastheckinyeehaw
You were awaiting your date at an expensive restaurant, only they didn't come. You sat alone at your table in the corner of the place some what disappointed, only to be...
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Hakuna Matata Ninja (Complete) by BlackMoonEclipse
Hakuna Matata Ninja (Complete)by Emerson AKA Eclipse
"Ain't no worries..." "Shut up." "For the rest of yooouuur days!" "Shut it." "Hakuna Matataaa~ OW! Why'd you hit me Sasu-cha...
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A Thousand Years by funfuntoday
A Thousand Yearsby AnimeNugget
My name is Nina Ōtsutsuki. A thousand years ago I made a promise; one that I have never forgotten. Unfortunately, my friends seem to have some troublesome descendants, a...
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The Survivor Who died || Sasuke Uchiha Fanfic by ZestEmeth
The Survivor Who died || Sasuke Uc...by Zest
Rose was left at an orphanage after the death of her parents, living under the abuse of the head matron. After creating bonds with the other children, Rose saw them as f...
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Those Simple Times_B1 by HyperAshE
Those Simple Times_B1by Unknown
Highest Ranking(s): #1 in Time Travel #1 in KakaNaru Naruto was happy. The war was almost over. Obito had come to terms with everything and all they needed to do was de...
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name [kiba inuzuka] by babykiba
name [kiba inuzuka]by kiba
"What's his name again?" "It's Kiba Inuzuka. You met him like a thousand times already. How do you not remember his name?" "I just don't really...
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To Save the Future, We Must Rewrite the Past by Ayako_Hayashi
To Save the Future, We Must Rewrit...by Queen Procrastinator
Blood. Everywhere. It soaks the ground, soaking it up like a sponge. Bodies litter the floor for miles. Everything is gone, destroyed, vaporized. Naruto and Sasuke are...
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Reborn (Naruto World/OC) by Anvelite
Reborn (Naruto World/OC)by Anvelite
So, I died. Big shocker. And now I woke up in a kid's body where I live in some place that went by the name of Konohagakure. I live in a world where ninjas exist. I'm a...
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Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fi...by Akira Shinikage
Aki wants a do over of her life. After her 'supposed' brother went nuts and deserted the village, Aki was left with nothing but a broken life. Unbeknownst to her, she ge...
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survivors  by melonsoup
survivors by 𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐚
[ON HOLD] they showed each other what they could be, despite the world telling them that they would amount to nothing. hopeless kids, they would call them. so they foun...
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Tobirama Uchiha???!!! by Luna_Uchiha1
Tobirama Uchiha???!!!by Luna Uchiha
What if Tobirama Senju was reborn as an Uchiha. And ironically he was named after the man who he hates with every fiber of his being...Madara Uchiha.
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Beauty of Dawn by LisaSalas7
Beauty of Dawnby fandoe-ofmany
Hey it's Akemi Uchiha here little sister of the famous weasel and twin to duck butt and before you ask yes i do know how to talk Uchiha i know be jealous an-ny-way I'll...
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Uchiha (Y/N) (Naruto/Akatsuki Various X Reader) by sleeplessinc
Uchiha (Y/N) (Naruto/Akatsuki Vari...by KING
Uchiha (Y/N), a gifted girl, or cursed, whatever you want to call it. You have one goal in life and that is to gain the title of strongest kunoichi that has ever lived...
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Reborn in Naruto by Therealdeal7878
Reborn in Narutoby Kishi Hajirah
Bella Wilson is a normal high school girl....or is she? Behind all the masks she puts on there is a tortured and abused girl. Hated by everyone in her school and father...
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