Kana Hatake by Kayda_Hatake
Kana Hatakeby BTS_Trash
Kana's had a rough life, her mother died when she was three years old whilst her foster-parent has abused and mistreated her as long as she could remember. On the other...
  • adventure
  • kakashisdaughter
  • fictionalcharacters
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The Story of Hagami [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha] [Completed] by silentnature
The Story of Hagami [Naruto Fanfic...by silent
"Bear the shield of the guardian, Possess the heart of the truth." --- Sequel: "The Story of Hagami II [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha]" --- Plot line, pictu...
  • itachi
  • ninja
  • shinobi
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Wanting (Itachi Uchiha x OC) by saskade
Wanting (Itachi Uchiha x OC)by Sasuke Uchiha♥
After committing treason against the Hidden Leaf, Akira Hattori was deemed a Rouge Ninja. A certain Uchiha who had previously been her best friend and partner in ANBU, r...
  • romance
  • ocstory
  • uchiha
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Inside the Sketchpad & Notebook by KiZuTsu
Inside the Sketchpad & Notebookby KiZuTsu
Namikaze Naruko and Uchiha Sasuke are childhood friends, but when Haruno Sakura arrives in their lives they started growing apart. One day Sakura pushes Naruko over the...
  • comedy
  • sasuke
  • fem
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The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》by シェイン
2nd Place of Naruto Watty Awards 2017!!! ¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤ Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Befo...
  • hokage
  • brother
  • romance
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Shinju Hatake ( Kakashi's Daughter) by Shinju_Hatake
Shinju Hatake ( Kakashi's Daughter)by Shinju
Shinju Hatake. Daughter of the Copy Cat Ninja, a true prodigy. Join her on her adventures, with her father, her ANBU team; Death Shadow, and her Genin team; Team 7. I do...
  • kakashisdaughter
  • fangirls
  • genjutsu
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Spirited Away (sasunaru) by Squidtcyc
Spirited Away (sasunaru)by Squidtcyc
Naruto and Sasuke has been banished from the spirit world and into the human world. What will happen? Will they ever be able to get back to their world? I suck at summar...
  • seme
  • uke
  • fanfiction
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Complicated by M_Katsuei
Complicatedby M&M
Noroi Uchiha. Yes, Uchiha. One of the last three Uchiha's. At the time, no one knew about her, nor were there records of her, which is why Itachi didn't kill this...
  • kakashi
  • sasukexoc
  • clan
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Shisui's little sister: Uchiha Rinorah by Ceraza_Senpai
Shisui's little sister: Uchiha Rin...by Ceraza
(Apparently now a Oc X Sasuke[Not really]) Do you know about Wishing upon a star? Well it's real... Rin was just a standard school girl until she wishes on a star to go...
  • sasuke
  • tsunade
  • itachi
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Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic} by TheLegendOf_Bre
Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic}by Breeyonce
After her clan massacre and the death of her brother, Yuyan Hane travels to Konoha and is saved by Konoha's distinguished Itachi Uchiha who raises her and treats her lik...
  • itachi
  • uchiha
  • naruto
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Amaterasu  by mika1642
Amaterasu by ...
We all have secrets right? Since when is having secrets so bad? Well unless Sasuke Uchiha isn't the one that wants to know that secret then you'll be just fine.
  • sasuke
  • ninja
  • sasukeuchiha
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The Enigmatic Hokage by areyukhei-
The Enigmatic Hokageby an awkward potato
『being a hokage in a young age is quite impressive. all the power, praise and respect is yours. but is nana uzumaki ready to face it's consequences? 』 • naruto fanfictio...
  • uzumaki
  • sakura
  • hokage
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Gaara's Twin: Two of a kind by tuiboog
Gaara's Twin: Two of a kindby Scarlet B. Moonlight
Meet Sanya. She is cold,heartless, and curious when it comes to outsiders. However, she is loving, caring, protective, and wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you mess wit...
  • manga
  • gaara
  • naruto
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Why The Fuck Am I In The Naruto World!?  by Yang_2018
Why The Fuck Am I In The Naruto Wo...by Elizabeth Kingsman
Yang, a girl with no surname, no family and a mysterious past. Although she's had it rough, she always seems to smile the next day, completely forgetting about it. She'...
  • naruto
  • awesomeness
  • team7
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Yami: The Gamer Kage by Akashi_Kurokaze
Yami: The Gamer Kageby Kuro no Akuma
A man wakes up to find himself inside the world of Naruto experiencing it via a video game. Forced to fight to survive, he sets upon a path of self-discovery, whether to...
  • earlth
  • darkness
  • gamer
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Gentle | Uchiha Obito (Obito Love Story) by Jewleya
Gentle | Uchiha Obito (Obito Love...by Jewleya
Obito Uchiha Story ❤️ Mizuki isn't the type to get interested in anything. She's always worried about herself, and only her. But when she meets the careless Tobi her wo...
  • naruto
  • obitouchiha
  • obitouchihalovestory
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Legacy of a Senju by PrettyLilyAnime
Legacy of a Senjuby PrettyLilyAnime
Haru Oshiro Senju returns to the leaf! Though she's not the same innocent genin that left, she comes back a beautiful kunoichi! She's instantly given all the love in th...
  • tobirama
  • narutoshippuden
  • shippuden
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Jiraiya's Daughter (Shikamaru Love Story) by TierraFranco
Jiraiya's Daughter (Shikamaru Love...by TierraFranco
Follow Rei Ducibella on her journey to become a legendary ninja, along with her best friend, Naruto Uzumaki. When Rei feels Pain for the first time, will she be able to...
  • tsunade
  • comedy
  • fanfiction
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A Dragon's Wish by strawhat_pirate
A Dragon's Wishby strawhat_pirate
Kath is back. Back to her world, and back into her body. It doesn't take very long for her to realize exactly what she'd gained in the Naruto world, and all that she'd l...
  • uchiha
  • uzumaki
  • kath
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Beautiful Imperfections - An Uchiha Madara Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Beautiful Imperfections - An Uchih...by Midnight_Lilac
"There is no such thing as 'perfection'. The world is not perfect - that's what makes it beautiful." A delicate blind girl. A ruthless powerful shinobi. An inn...
  • tobirama
  • senju
  • madara
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