The hardest part of it all

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"Stop this, I simply don't feel the way I did for you anymore. Let's just not waste any more of our time and go our separate ways." Just a couple of words ended the screaming over the phone and turned it into an eerie string of silence.

That's it?

Just like that it would be officially over? After all that?

2 years of my life wasted, all that time and energy spent.. now led to nothing. Nothing but that clenching, aching, heavy feeling in my heart. I couldn't mutter anything else besides his name, my mind was in shock. "S-Sai.."

I didn't know what else to say..
What else could I say?
Please don't leave me? Stay, I need you?

But before any of those words could escape my lips, I finally heard that repetitive beeps coming from the phone indicating that the phone call was over. Just like our relationship. 2 years of it, just.. over. Throwing my phone aside, I buried my head in my pillows, and uncontrollably burst out into muffled sobs.

I felt absolutely lonely, betrayed and angry.
But angry at who?
At me for allowing myself to be a fool?
Or my former lover who had left me for someone else?
How could this happen? A dangerous thought kept lingering in my mind, burnt in my head. Was I not good enough?
Was I not good enough?

His face plastered my mind. His soft black hair and eyes.. His face pained me, the memories of him pained me.
The reality of knowing that this is really the end of us pained me.
A couple of knocks drew me out of my head, I looked up towards my door. It must be my best friend that I live with, Sakura. She was probably concerned after hearing all of my screaming.

"Naruto, is everything okay?" She called out from behind the door.

My lips would separate but I couldn't speak, my voice was trapped between my throat that seemed to be squeezing tight.
The sound of knocks continued to echo my dark room.

Unexpectedly, my phone started ringing. I instantly jolted upright and spread my hands across my sheets to feel the vibration on my bed until it was in my shaky hands again. But my heart dropped the second I saw the name flashed on the screen. It wasn't Sai.

It was Sakura. I rejected her call before landing back onto my pillow again, staring into the empty space between my ceiling and I. Tears just kept escaping my eyes, streaming down my cheeks.

The persistent knocking remain interrupting my pathetic thoughts. I sighed heavily, I finally caved in from frustration. Dragging myself out of bed and over to the door to finally let her in. "Are you alright, Naruto?" She immediately questioned me as soon as I swung opened my door.
"" I continued to wail. This is why I didn't want to open my door, I knew that in these moments of extreme hurt, I would be vulnerable. I'd just open up and pour all my emotions at anyone and everyone that asked, but in reality, I would just worry them.

"H-he left..." I choked on the words, I walked backwards from the door with hands rubbing away the uncontrollable tears from my eyes and eventually collapsing into bed once again.

My pink haired friend narrowed her eyes as she walked over to me, "Why are you crying over such an asshole anyway? You didn't lose anything worthy of your tears."

"But.. I lost.. him." I murmured between my cries. Upon hearing that, she rolled her eyes. "Exactly." She mumbled softly under her breath. She proceeded to open wardrobe, I peeped my eyes out of the pillows I planted my face in to see what she was doing.

She seemed to be choosing an outfit.
Really, Sakura? You choose this timing to borrow my shirts? I thought to myself as I raised my eyebrow at her digging in my closet.

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