The home I belong to

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I rested my chin in the palm of my hand, propping my arm against the meeting table. I was completely disinterested in whatever the seniors were bickering about.
The Board was having a discussion on the final 3 ambassadors that was chosen during yesterday's presentation.
The agent and brand ambassadors were all present today to give us a short introduction of the influencer and the agency. 
My eyes wandered around the room aimlessly, thinking of yesterday.

I grinned to myself as Naruto's face flashed across my mind. Even though I had the privilege to see him and send him home yesterday, I was already starting to miss him.

He never did explain to me what he was upset about though.
I recalled it had something to do with my personal assistant, Hinata right?

I turned to my right, observing Hinata who was standing beside my chair. She was taking down notes of discussion before she caught me looking at her. She leaned towards me a little, as if anticipating for me to say something  to her.

Diverting my eyes back to the table, I shook my head lightly at her. She withdrew herself slowly with a confused look on her face.

"Any comments, President Sasuke? You're  more quiet than usual today." Chairman Danzo called out to me and everyone seated on the table turned their heads to my direction simultaneously.

"..The answer is obvious." I stated firmly, putting down my arm that supported my chin.
"As expected from you, Sasuke." The chairman smirked, leaning in to my direction with his curiosity peaking.
"The three ladies - Karin, Tenten and Temari have very different visual appearances. And that is the key point of a Brand Ambassador." I explained, sipping my black coffee that Hinata made this morning with the coffee beans I had purchased.

The taste always made me feel at ease despite carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders silently. It felt like home.
And that's how I feel with Naruto.

What a shame I did not realise it then.
How I climbed the corporate ladder so quickly during that year was because he was with me, supporting me wholeheartedly. He would always be there when things got too overwhelming for me.
Yet, I left him when I reached my milestone.

Now that I'm at the finishing line, looking back on the race, I realised I was the loser.

The comforting taste lingered on my tongue as I continued to speak my mind. "I am aware that all ladies fit the criteria of appealing to the targeted age group of 18-35, but our main concern should be who would portray our campaign best instead of who would draw in more attention."

Danzo nodded, agreeing.

"It takes one question to reach the conclusion - How do they look?"  I questioned everyone on the table that were softly exchanging their views with one another.

I leaned back against my chair, annoyed.
I should have done this sooner to cut the meeting short but I was too pre-occupied daydreaming about my ex.

How productive.

"Karin looks too provocative and flirtatious for our Digital Campaign.." One of the board members voiced out.
"Yes, yes. And Tenten has too much of an adorable and child-like appearance." Another one added on and soon, the chattering among the shareholders, investors and directors filled the entire meeting room.

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