The aftermath

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"You really don't have to follow me home." I ignored the pest who was following me in his black luxury car as I walked home on the pavement beside the empty roads. "Why not?" He had his windows rolled down, resting his arm on the pane.

I was finally done with work and Sasuke had persistently waited in the cafe. He was there from the start of my shift till the end, even Sakura couldn't make that commitment. Yet it was so infuriating because he kept distracting me from work!

I continued to walk faster but he put more weight on the car pedal to keep up with my growing pace. It was late now and luckily there weren't many cars so we weren't causing much of a scene.

"If you let me give you a ride home, I promise I won't go into your apartment."

"Don't you dare." I darted my eyes angrily to him from the roadside.

"Dare me." Sasuke sneered at me. Seeing that smug look on his face would usually tick me off. But I was too exhausted mentally and physically to play his mind games so I reluctantly entered his car. "You better bring me home. No where else." I flopped myself down onto the backseat, refusing to sit at the front with him in case he tries anything funny.

Despite bugging me the entire walk to get into his car, when I finally got in he was eerily silent. I was almost falling asleep in his car. His car smelled like him, there was a sense of comfort and reminiscence. I peeped one of my eyes open to look at him across the seats. He was still dead silent. I raised my eyebrows in confusion before a thought hit me.
Maybe he's planning to bring me back to his house again?!

I gulped in fear, "Wh-where are we going?" I stuttered, squinting my eyes to get a better look through his tinted windows to know my location.

There was no response, but the air between us suddenly felt tensed. It was as if he was upset, or angry. I could never tell.
I couldn't read him. He was like a blank sheet of paper. Cold, distant and indifferent.
It reminded me of Sai.

Yet it was so unfair how he could read me so easily. He would know what goes through my head and how I was feeling with a glance. And I've always hated that about him.

"Don't waste your tears crying over some loser." Sasuke finally decided to break the silence, with hands on firmly the steering wheel and eyes glued straight to road in front of him.

"W-What?" I answered, puzzled by what he said. I continued staring at his reflection in the rear view mirror. The expression he wore was cold and calm as usual, despite the tone of his words giving himself away.

"This is my fault. I hurt you."

"W-what are you saying?" I mumbled, unsure of how I was suppose to react to his statement.

He stopped the car at the drop off point of my apartment building. There was a couple seconds of silence before he stared back into my eyes from the rear view mirror.
"This would never happen if I-." He halted himself mid sentence.

I looked at his reflection as if he was crazy, and hurriedly alighted from his car. Dashing out of his car, I ran into my apartment building.

What the hell was that?!
I didn't need to remember the past.
I didn't want to know if he had any regrets.

I don't care for his apologies!
It's all too late for that now.

I opened my front door to see Sakura on the couch watching tv in her PJs. I sighed as I plopped myself down beside her, drained and stressed out. "What a day.." I heaved another loud sigh again.

"What happened with you and Sasuke?" She lowered the volume of the tv with the remote before turning to me eagerly as if we were high school kids gossiping. "Nothing! H-He's nothing but a nuisance!" I turned away, covering my face with my hands. Not wanting her to see my vexed expression plastered on my face.

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