The feeling of resentment

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I was feeling extremely bitter and angry as I continued watching Sai and Naruto from a near distance.
"I'm so sorry.. Naruto.." He continued stroking my ex's cheek with the look of guilt and remorse. But I wasn't buying it.

"It's okay, let's not talk about it now. Are you alright?" My blonde ran his fingers through his hair as though comforting the cheater. He nodded his head, "Just a slight headache and a twisted ankle, but I'll live." He joked as he tried to get back up onto his feet.

Naruto helped him up, with his arm hung over his shoulder.
I eyed the two of them intensely as they walked off, with Sai limping away "pitifully".
"You should go after him, Sasuke." Sakura patted my back as she proceeded to pick the lunchboxes off the ground.

I finally snapped back to reality and realised this wasn't a nightmare. But that idiot actually left with his ex. I moved my legs who were previously glued to the ground in shock.

They had already taken the lift now, but I managed to catch up with them outside of the building since one of them was limping.
"Let me do it." I barged between them as I took Sai's arm to hang it over my shoulder instead, breaking them apart forcefully.

Naruto was taken aback first but then he smiled at my support, "Thank you, Sasuke."
Sai pulled away violently, "Thank him? I should be thanking him for breaking my leg!"

"You're exaggerating. All I did was push you softly." I rolled my eyes at him. It wasn't my fault he was so weak.

"Yeah, that wasn't necessary, Sasuke." Naruto agreed with the cheater, and this made me irritated. But seeing Sai smirk behind Naruto made me even more annoyed.
"I'll make it up to you." I clicked my tongue as I pulled out my phone.

"I don't need your help." He continued limping away as the blonde chased up to him, "Hey, be careful!"

I groaned as I had to reluctantly follow behind them. "Don't move. They're coming." I grabbed Sai by the back of his shirt.
"Who-" The ambulance sirens echoed the road as it arrived beside us.

We sat in the back of the ambulance with Sai dramatically on a stretcher for a twisted ankle.
I stared at him, secretly cursing him to get a concussion.
Naruto, who was seated beside me, turned to me smiling, "Thank you again, Sasuke. He was getting heavy." He chuckled so purely.

"Told you I'll make it up to you. After this, I'll take you out for lunch-" Sai coughed loudly, interrupting our conversation.
"Damn, I don't feel so good."
Naruto immediately diverted his attention back to the actor on the stretcher.

"You're going to be okay, we'll reaching the hospital soon." The blonde placed his hand on top of his, reassuring him.

"Yeah, you'll get a full body scan to make sure you are 100% fine." I rolled my eyes at Naruto, who was so gullible.

We reached the hospital in less than a span of 15 minutes. They did an X-Ray on him to check if any of his bones were broken, which of course it wasn't.
After that, they compressed his ankle with an elastic bandage to help with the swelling.

We were exiting the hospital, "Now that you know he's all good, we can finally go for lunch now." I grabbed Naruto's hand in mine and yanked him away from Sai, to the direction of where my car and driver were waiting for us.

"Wait- At least give him a lift back to his place." Naruto pleaded with his big blue eyes.
Of course I surrendered to him.
How could I resist those eyes?

But I was heavily regretting my decision as the 3 of us were seated at the backseat of my car. I sat between Sai and Naruto, not wanting them to have any further physical contact.

"What's your address?" I nonchalantly asked him as my chauffeur waited for instructions.
"I.. I actually live with Ino." He mumbled shamefully.
"Oh.." Naruto let the words escape his lips.
"And where's that?" I continued coldly asking, I just wanted to drop him off as soon as possible.

"The thing is.. she left me. And all I'm left with is debt. And this morning.. She changed the locks on the house I bought for her. That's why I was so frantically looking for her." Sai explained with his head down, unable to meet Naruto's eyes.

Hearing that, I almost cracked a smile. He deserved that for cheating on Naruto with some gold-digger.
Naruto stretched his arm across me to grab Sai's hand, "You can stay with me in the mean time."

My eyes widen in disbelief, pulling their arms apart. "No. Absolutely not. You don't even have a guest room."

"He can sleep in my roo-"
"Who are you to say no?"
"I'm saying it on behalf of Sakura."
I crossed my arms firmly.

I gave the driver the nearest hotel address but before he could step on the gas, Naruto rejected the idea.
"No. He's injured, he can't be alone."
"I'm alright, Naruto. You don't have to worry about me-"
"Drop it, he'll stay at my place then." I commanded the driver to step on it.
"What?!" The both of them reacted in unison.
"No fucking way-"
"Thank you, Sasuke!"

I clicked my tongue in annoyance.
I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.

We returned to my house, and Sai plopped himself down onto my couch.
"Sorry, Sasuke. I don't have enough time for lunch. I have to get to work now. You two, be nice okay?" Naruto smiled at us as I got one of the chauffeurs to drive him.

The door closed behind us, and I was left with his ex in my house.
He stared up at me on the couch, as I locked eyes with him.
"I'm getting him back. You know that, right? He still loves me." He challenged me, standing up and meeting my eyes.

I stepped closer to his face, and growled.
"Over my dead body."

"You don't scare me, Mr. President."
I gritted my teeth in rage, pulling him by his collar. Even if he hasn't broken any of his bones yet, I can't guarantee I won't break any today.

What have I gotten myself into?
This was a lose-lose situation. This asshole would just try to get on my nerves and play the victim if I were to actually harm him.

I let go of his collar and sighed in defeat.
I can't let a cheater have the upper hand.
However, not everything was shit.
I smiled slightly at the thought of seeing Naruto who will definitely be coming over to my house tonight to check on Sai.

I just have to survive the day.

I told Sai to behave as I left him in the living room, watching TV. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom to make a call to Hinata, letting her know to postpone the rest of my meetings today since I had to babysit a cheater.

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