The consequences of your actions

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When I heard what Sasuke had done - Arranging Sai and Ino come face to face with each other while they were still emotionally aggressive and volatile, I was so angry at him.

Then came the disappointment.
It was so like him to do this.
Without thinking about anyone's feelings.. he just does things at his own command. Whatever the president deems fit.

"What.. What if they got hurt?! I didn't need you to do that for me!"

I jumped out of his seat, wanting to rush into my bedroom for a change of clothes. But Sasuke grabbed hold of me before I could take the first step away from him.
"Where are you going?" He had the nerve to ask.

The anger was coming to a boil, and I unintentionally raised my voice at him.
"To check on them! Did you even think this and the consequences through? Did you really think having them two meet while their wounds are still fresh, that they would miraculously made up?" I forcefully pushed his grip off me and stormed to my room where I slammed shut the door.

I grabbed the first pair of shirt and jeans I could find before heading out.
When I opened my bedroom's door, Sasuke and Sakura was waiting for me.
"I'll drive you there." He offered remorsefully.
"Naruto, you and Sasuke check on Sai. I'll take a taxi to Ino's hotel." Sakura, who also had a change of clothes, waving her phone at me to show her string of text messages with Ino.

I nodded, "Let's go." I brushed past Sasuke coldly and exited the house.
While in the lift down to the car park, I gave a call to Sai to find out where he currently was residing.
Thank god he wasn't in a hospital but at a hotel as well..

Sasuke opened the car door for me and I got in. Shortly after, he did as well and started the car.
During the first half of the journey, he was silent too. But decided to break the tensed atmosphere with an apology. "I'm sorry. Are you still mad at me?"

"No.. I'm not mad anymore." I muttered softly, staring aimlessly past the window.
He heaved a sigh of relief, "That's good to kno-"
"I'm disappointed, Sasuke."

There was a shift in his emotions as he quickly pulled over to the side without any hesitation.
"You-.. I hope you can understand why I did it."
"That's exactly why I'm disappointed! You only do things that benefit you!"
"Hell no, I did it for you!"
"I never asked for it! You did it for yourself, you found them a nuisance and took the chance to get the rid of them! You've never cared about anyone else but yourself!"
"That's not true, I care about you!"
"Don't fucking lie to me! How could you give a damn about me when you disappeared without a single text message?!"

These painful words just escaped between my lips, as if begging to be told.
The air between us went dead silent. It went cold.

I told myself I wouldn't bring up old wounds.
After all these years..
It still hurts.
My heart ached as I turned away from him, facing the window with tears brimming my eyes.

He stepped on the pedal and continued to drive without another word.
It seemed like I hurt him too.
I knew the guilt was eating him up alive.
And I knew he was already trying to make amends.

Why did I have to go and say it..
Ugh.. I screwed it up again.

After what felt like an eternity of driving in silence, we finally reached at the hotel's lobby. It was quite a dingy hotel and there wasn't a valet service so Sasuke had to park his own car.

We entered the hotel and the receptionist greeted us. The lobby looked run down, torn wallpaper with holes in the walls and out dated furniture that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in decades.

We proceeded to the lift and clicked on level 5 where Sai was at. Even the lift seemed like it was going to break down at any moment with its jerky movements. The doors opened and I felt like I was stepping into a horror movie.

The bland looking carpet that stretched as long as the hallway went. The dimmed lights that occasionally flashed on and off. The spiderwebs at the corner of the ceilings and fragile wooden bedroom doors.

Seeing my hesitation to exit the lift, Sasuke took the first step out of the lift and I instinctively followed along.
We found the room labelled 502 and knocked on it lightly.

We could heard the light creaks on the floorboard as his footsteps approached us before the door finally opened.

Sai appeared behind the door, his face had some scratches indicating that a fight had broken out between them. His arm that was holding onto the door had a couple of bruises as well. "Come in." He signalled us with his free hand into the room.

Sasuke and I sat on the dining chairs while Sai took the bed. There wasn't a sofa or tv in sight.
"How are you..? Are you seriously hurt?" I pouted, feeling bad when I saw him in this state. It's all my fault, I should have seen this coming.

"A little scratches and bruises won't kill me! I have to thank Sasuke. I've been searching for her everywhere. With his help, I managed to get the house keys that fit the new locks." He pat Sasuke on the shoulder but Sasuke didn't respond.

I could tell he was still affected by what I said earlier.
His eyes were cold and lingering on the ground.

"Oh.. That's great. Then.. Why are you at this hotel?" I cleared my throat, still feeling choked up about our earlier argument. I came here to check on Sai, but I kept checking on Sasuke instead. Glancing at him every so often, he just had his head down and wasn't engaging in the conversation.

"Yeah.. That bitch trashed up my place, probably angry that we had to separate."
"Ah.. That explains why she had to sleep at ours.."
"Yeah, I was too tired to clean up after the fight last night. But I'm going back later to do so."

"I'll drive you there. We'll help you to clean too." Sasuke finally spoke and when he did.. he was offering help?! The all mighty Uchiha cleaning?!

Sai and I were wide-eyed with our jaws hanging low.
"No, no. Mr President, how could I let you-"
"It's been decided. I'll meet you at the lobby in 10 minutes." He nonchalantly got up and walked out of the room, leaving Sai and I speechless at what just happened.

When we got down to the lobby for check-out, Sasuke had already paid for the hotel room.

I took the passenger seat and Sai took the back in Sasuke's car. We awkwardly sat in silence as he drove us to Sai's place.

I should find some time alone with Sasuke to apologise for what I said..
I didn't mean it..
I guess I'm still not over it.
I guess his disappearance still hurts.

I'm sorry, Sasuke. I just can't help but think..
Was I that easy to leave behind?

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