The realisation arises

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The car ride was painfully long and it felt like an eternity. I had to pretend that I fell asleep midway of our conversation as I wasn't sure how long more I could conceal my heartache before Sasuke inevitably detects it.

Instead of waking me when we arrived at my apartment building, he carried bridal style out of his car.
I could feel him slowly shifting the arm that was wrapped around my shoulder to ring my front door bell. I heard the door creak open and the voice of my best friend emerged.
"Sasuke..? Naru- Did he get himself drunk again?!" The tone of Sakura's voice changed when she caught sight of me in the taller man's embrace.

He hushed her softly, before taking steps into my home and hearing him turn my door knob to enter my room.
"He isn't drunk, he just fell asleep in my car." I could hear his voice getting further away after he tucked me into bed.

"That's a relief.. He sounded upset so I thought-" I could hear the words spilling from her lips as she stopped herself from talking.

Crap, Sakura! Why would you say that?!
I was freaking out mentally. Somehow, I didn't want Sasuke to know I was disappointed just because he was getting over me.
He has the freedom to move on.

"Upset?" Sasuke asked as he closed my bedroom door slowly.

The light pouring in from the hallway has now reduced to a dim glow seeping through the gap at the bottom of the door.
I shot my eyes open, and sprung out of bed the moment I heard the door shut completely.

I quietly jogged to the door, placing my ear against it to trying my best to hear their conversation through the thick wood.
"Why would he be upset?" He continued to interrogate her as she fell silent, I couldn't make out if he was curious or concerned.

Don't you dare tell him, Sakura!
This should stay between us!

I squeezed my ear closer to the door, impatiently anticipating for her reply.

"Well.. I told him that.." Her voice trailed off as she sounded indecisive. Contemplating on what to say next.

Do. Not. Tell. Him!
I was mentally strangling Sakura, which I absolutely will do so physically after my ex leaves!

"..You told him about Ino and I?"

I frowned for a second before my head registered that name.
Then my eyes widen in disbelief as I stepped away from the door slowly.
Wait a second.. That name..
Isn't that.. Sai's current girlfriend?
So.. That female colleague that Sakura was mentioning, was it Ino?

None of this is making any sense.
I knew Ino was working with Sakura, and I knew Sasuke was working with Sakura's company too.
But why would Sakura not tell me it was Ino?
And why did Sasuke..

Yet again, that familiar ache of being lied to.
I tried to reason with my feelings but the doubts in my mind weighing heavier than my rationale.

I decided to crawl back into bed, staring at the ceiling with all the emotions eating me alive.
Still in shock, I was trying to replay everything that happened today analysing every interaction with Sasuke, Sakura and I.

Sakura not mentioning Ino was probably to avoid hurting me as my wounds were still fresh from the break up.
But no matter how many reasons I came up with to validate Sasuke's actions, none of them seemed concrete enough.

What do I do? I can't just go out and confront him. Who am I to demand that he should inform me of his personal life?
I want to be supportive of him.. 
I should be supportive of him.
Since we dated, I have always been supportive of his every decision he made. Whether he shared them with me first or not, it didn't matter to me.

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