The only one I'll love

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I texted Sakura the next morning, not wanting to ring the doorbell in case it would wake Naruto.

8:06AM: "Hey, I'm outside."

The next few seconds I could hear rapid footsteps coming closer to the door and she opened it. She tidied her hair, running her hands through them repeatedly as she invited me in.

I placed the paper bags on the dining table. "He's not up yet?" I asked her, taking out the takeaway boxes out of the bags.
"His shift is in the afternoon today." She replied, looking over my shoulder to see whats for breakfast.

I bought almost one of everything on the menu, unsure of what Naruto would crave for when he got up. I had even stopped by a pharmacy to get him some vitamins and painkillers in case he was hungover. But I hope breakfast will put a smile on his face, there were choices of sandwiches, pancakes, sausages, Eggs Benedict, oatmeal and croissants. Sakura took a seat and choosing the box of strawberry pancake to dig in, "Wow, are you always this generous?"

I cracked a smile, taking out Naruto's shirt I had taken to a 24-7 dry cleaners last night. "Only to the one I love."

After we were done with breakfast, I offered Sakura a ride to work and left a sticky note on the takeaway box for my ex lover.
'Here's some food and medicine. I hope you'll feel better soon. Remember that I'll always be here for you.
Love, Sasuke.'

Turning into the office building, I could see the company's name plastered on the entrance of the drop off point. "Oh, you work at Studio 99?" I stated as I dropped the fashion designer off at her office building.

She nodded, unbuckling her seatbelt.
"Give me your name card, I'll get my assistant to drop you a call. I have a project in need of a fashion designing agency." I said to her before she could leave my car.

She raised an eyebrow at me, slipping her hand into her card holder and pulling out a name card for me. "Looking forward to work with you then." She grinned, sticking out her hand for a shake.

I shook it firmly, "Likewise."

As she left the vehicle, I could see a small group of office workers gathering around Sakura pointing and peeking at my car and myself.
They were probably curious to see who was giving her a ride to work in an expensive car.

Unbothered, I was about to step on the pedal before I saw a familiar blonde haired girl, running up to Sakura.
I didn't know why, but I stopped myself from stepping on that pedal. I looked at her through my windscreen, blinking slowly as I was trying to recall that face.

It was something important..
I remember now.
It was the lady that was with Naruto's ex.
She was the one that was with his ex when they were still together.

I wonder if she knew?

She was now past my car and I caught a glance of Ino from my side wing mirror, I raised my brow in suspicion. Surprisingly, she was looking at me too. Intrigued, as a slight smile formed on her lips.

If she knew..
There'll be hell to pay.

Rolling my eyes to the front, I drove out of the driveway and headed to my company which was half an hour away.
Upon reaching the office floor, I passed Sakura's name card to Hinata and told her to give Studio 99's leading fashion designer a ring for the project.
"President Uchiha, I also found some design agencies to consider-"
"Not necessary. I've made my decision." I declared, walking past her table and into my room.

I was in the middle of a meeting on the initial round of proposed brand ambassadors when I received a text message from Naruto. My dull eyes lit up when I caught glimpse of my phone's screen. I leaned back against my chair, uninterested to hear more of the ambassadors presentation and read his text message.

12:19PM - "Thanks for the food & meds. :)"
Unknowingly a small smile escaped from my usual serious and cold demeanour, typing my response.
12:20PM - "How are you feeling?"

For the next hour in the meeting, I was distracted by my phone. Not because of text messages, instead because there were no text messages. I kept checking my phone every 15 minutes, unable to concentrate on the presentation.

This has never happened.
Work has always been a priority.
But now, I've firmly decided to make him my top priority.
And when I set my mind on something, I won't give up until I get it.

"Alright, meeting dismissed." I announced, being at the end of the long rectangular table. The operations team kept their documents, leaving the meeting room swiftly for lunch.
I spun my chair to Hinata, who was seated on my right. "Submit the final 3 chosen ambassadors and schedule a meeting with the directors tomorrow."

I pinched the bridge of my nose, frowning as I leaned back against my chair again. I wasn't stressed by work, but rather by him.

Just then, my phone vibrated against the meeting table. I sat up so quickly to see the notification that I caused Hinata to jump in her seat as she was still typing notes into her laptop.

I composed myself, clearing my throat as I got up to exit the meeting room. Walking to my office, I checked my phone again.

1:42PM - "Not as bad, thanks again for the food and pills!! But I'm not looking forward to surviving work later on."

My heart sank, unsure what I could do for him.
My eyes searched the room, looking for an inspiration but knocks from my door soon interrupted my thought process. "Come in." I clicked my tongue, annoyed.

Hinata emerged from behind the door with folders in her hands. "I have called Studio 99. They are requesting a face to face meeting to discuss the contract."
I acknowledged, instructing her to prepare a contract for tomorrow's meeting.
"Understood. Would you.. like some black coffee, President?" My personal assistant questioned as she handed me the files in her hands. She assumed that I was under a lot of pressure from a project that was originally supposed to be executed in 3 months, now crammed into 3 weeks.

I opened the file, "No, the coffee here is revolting." I was flipping through the pages, scanning the document before her words struck me.  My hand stopped at the edge of a page, my eyes then shot up to meet hers.
Nodding in great approval, "Good idea."

She looked at me, arching her brow in confusion. I swiftly closed the file, "Order their entire stock of coffee beans from here." I showed her the destination from my phone.
Her eyes widen as she realises how far away it was.
"But it's half an hour away-"
"It's worth it."
"I won't be able to carry so many boxes-"
"A kind soul will help, trust me."
I flashed her a reassuring smirk and passed her my credit card between my index and middle finger.

Now I just have to wait.

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