The cold harsh truth

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The guest of honour stride into the cafe so elegantly, all attention fall on her as she entered.
Her soft and shiny blonde locks over her shoulders, her bright blue ocean eyes searching the cafe looking for Sakura. Her well shaped body peeping through the curves of her fitted purple dress.

Ino waved to my best friend when she found her, "Hey there!" She giggled as she took her seat before putting her expensive branded purse onto her lap.

"Can't believe we're at this cafe on a weekend. The coffee here must really be good, huh?" Ino continued the conversation.

The ladies sat relatively close to the counter intentionally so I was able make out almost every word they said.

Sakura nodded, agreeing with her colleague as they continued making small talk. They seem to be quite close as colleagues, hitting it off easily with one another.

"Coffee's on me! What would you like to get?" Sakura offered, taking her wallet out of her luxury bag. Ino took a look towards the huge menu board above me, "A white mocha, please!"

My bestfriend nodded and left her seat to make her way to the counter. Before her lips could separate to order, I interrupted. "A strawberry frappe for you and white mocha." I keyed into the cash register and swiped her card before making the drinks.

She thanked me and returned to her seat.
"I just need some advice to get a date especially since Valentines is coming.." Sakura sighed, rest her chin in the palm of her hand as her elbow rested on the table.

Ino looked surprised for a second before chuckling, "You? Sakura Haruno? Care about Valentines? What happened to the strong, independent, career driven woman I know?"

"Who says I can't be like that and have a man?"

"I don't mean it like that! It's just shocking because you always said you never had time to bother about these kinds of things." Ino blurted out her apology in case she offended her senior. "Well.. I don't think I'm the best person to ask for advice on love. All my relationships were pretty short." She pouted, seemingly remembering all the failed relationships she had in the past.

"Oh really? But you and Sai look so happy together!" As soon as she dropped my ex's name, my heart felt uneasy as I walked towards their table with their orders on a tray.

"We sure are! And going strong. Everything seems to be going so perfectly!" I placed down the tray on the edge of the table to grab their drinks.
"Oh, how long have you guys been together?" My best friend finally dropped the big question.

I had this burning question at the back of my mind since I laid eyes on them yesterday. And no matter how much I tried to ignored it, the question would always haunt me at any given moment I have time to think freely.

It always floats back to this.

Did he leave me for someone better or..
Did he cheat on me?

The word itself already made my heart plunge right into my stomach.
The ache and anxiety was slowly creeping up on me as my throat began to tighten.

"Hmm, 3 months ago?" She tapped her temple as if trying to remember the date.
My hands immediately clenched the sides of the tray, suppressing all my emotions that were imploding inside of me.
I could feel my hands tremble and my head went light.

Sakura's eyes darted towards mine and quickly took the drinks off the tray and placing one infront of herself and the other on Ino's side.

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