"Ohhh, pepperoni!" Luke squeals as Keira mentions we get some pizza after several failed attempts at mac and cheese.

"Ah hell no! Supereme!" Michael hollers over the excited boys. Before a riot over the pepperoni or supereme disagreement could break out, Keira stepped in.

"How about we get two pizzas...?" She says in a duh tone. Michael narrows his eyes at Luke, a debate clearly going on in his brain about whether or not to accept Keira's proposal or just to fight Luke for pizza rights.

"Okay fine," he huffs, finally givinng in as a cheer errupts in the room as Calum begins to yell out the lyrics to Pizza.

Rolling her eyes, Keira pulls on her light jacket since the weather had begun to change slightly since July, which the boys and I had arrived in L.A. She pulls on her high tops, struggling to stay standing up, and actually achieve at putting on her shoes. Keira stood up and grabbed her phone, taking out the headphones and throwing them onto the side table.

"Ready?" She asked me, the bracelet I had gotten her dangling from her wrist.

I nod as I grab my hoodie and sling it over my shoulder "Ready" I say and open the door for her as we head out to her car. Keira got in the drivers seat, and I the passanger side. She starts the engine and we head to the pizza parlor.


After a twenty minute drive filled with song lyrics, passanger seat driving, and arguement about who was better; Def Leppard or Ed Sheeran, we finally pulled into the parking lot of the pizza place. I jumped excitedly out of the car, and raced into the parlor, the smell of pizza hitting me like a semi-truck.

"I love pizza" I hear Keira mutter, and I laugh to myself.

"Who doesn't?" I question her and head to stand in line. Keira shrugs and follows.

Keira shifted slightly closer to me, as if trying not to be noticed by someone. I turn my head and raise an eyebrow at her.

"What's up?" I ask looking around.

"Zayden is over there" She mutters and tilts her head in his direction.

I look over her head and lock eyes with him. I quickly turn to look at the menu.

Keira shifts uncomfortably once again when Zayden's new 'lady friend' came over and kissed him gently.

"That's the girl from the theater" She mumbled quietly. I look back and clench my fist.

Zayden smirked at me and turned to the girl before booping her trying to be cute.

Keira adverts her attention to the worker and orders the two pizzas.

I walk over and get many napkins and fill the drink cups that came with the pizzas. Water for Keira, Root Beer for me, Mt. Dew for Luke and Calum, and for Michael a Seira Mist.

"Hey, Wreck It Ralph" Zayden says and waves me over. I glance back at Keira who is distracted with waiting for the pizzas, and catiously walk over to him.

"I'd like you to meet my new girlfriend" he smirks, but hides it with a kind smile. "This is the fantastic Taylor Price" he says and points to her. "The one I took on a date instead of Keira. You know,the day before you wrecked my bently."

"Yeah" I start "I recall..."

"Well, anyways. I felt bad for dumping Keira and was going to call her, but once you dinged up my car, I figured I'd make her come to me, and forget about you." He taunts as Taylor giggles. The stereotypical rich girl, at least it seemed that way.

"Wait... You want to make her jealous?" I asks slowly.

He nods "That's right Curly Q" he smirks. Before I could stop myself, I take the Seira Mist from Michael's cup, open the lid, and dump it on his head.

"Yeah, Good luck asshole" I grumble and move closer to him "She isn't stupid, and I sure as hell know she isn't going back to you!" I say and reach for another cup, but Keira, yanked me back.

"Ashton! Stop!" She demands and pulls me towards the door.

I turn around and the last thing I see before leaving the place was Zayden's beyond pissed face, and Taylor frantically trying to wipe soda off of her dress. This time, I smirked.

Keira pushed me into the car, and started to yell at me about something, but at the moment all that mattered was the fact that I hated Zayden, and I made him pissed. It's not like he could do anything, he was bringing me to court already.


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