You don't know embarrassment until the girl you seemingly like walks into you while you are unconscious, and moaning her name in your sleep... That is awkward.

"What are you doing in here?!" I ask after the shock of seeing her in my room, at three in the morning, with Elana smirking and Lauren running from my room.

"Truth or dare..." Keira says quietly and hides my drumsticks behind her back.

"Welp, this is awkward," Elana-Rose said and slowly exists my bedroom. Keira shifts awkwardly and turns to leave, forgetting to put my drumsticks down before she left.

With an embarrassed groan, I flop back onto my back and try to fall back asleep, but eventually giving up and roaming the house looking for something to do while the girls upstairs were quiet and whispering, no undoubtedly about my dream.

Around five I made my way to the fridge and began to make some Eggo waffles.  Once the waffles were made, Calum called me, asking if he can come over; dispite the ungodly hour. I agree and add some waffles for him, then wait out on the porch for him.

"Ohhh, waffles!" I hear a voice come from my side, bringing me out of the daydream I was in.

"Bitch, these are mine!" I warn him, but nod to his plate on the chair across from me. Calum goes and hungrily eats his waffles as we talk for a bit anout everything; court, waffles, Lauren and Harry, and eventually Elana-Rose.

"How do you feel about her back around here?" I ask cautiously knowing it is a touchy subject.

Calum looks down at his empty plate for a while before answering.

"Brings back old memories, I guess," He admits. "I mean. I know I should be over her by now, but seeing her here and laughing and giggling. It all just reminds me why I wanted to be with herbin the first place," Cal continues. "I guess I just wasn't good enough, and she had to find someone else."

I sigh and run a hand through my hair.

"You can't honestly believe that. She went off and cheated cause you were too good for her, not because you didn't give her enough. You gave her everything, she made you try to hard," I say. Calum nods

"Yeah, I guess" He says and finishes before walking into the house to put away his plate.


After several hours of avoiding Keira and lying low so I didn't have to answer a bunch of questions about the night before, Harry was bugging me to take him to the waterpark. I finally agree and change into my swim trunks.

"Can I come?" Keira asks from my bedroom door frame. "Oh, and I forgot to give these back," She says and holds out the drumsticks she took earlier.

"Erm, sure. If you want too," I say and grab the drumsticks from her out stretched hand. I carefully place my favorite drumsticks back in their place and tug a shirt on.

"Harry and I are leaving in twenty minutes," I say and avoid eye contact.

Keira nods and goes and changes into her lime bikini then told Lauren she was going with us. Lauren changed quickly and decided to join us on our trip to the waterpark.

"Keira! Lauren! Ashton!" Harry yelled from down the stairs. "Hurry up! I wanna go swimming!" We all pile downstairs and grab the towels, sunscreen, and our flip flops, then herd into the car, me driving, Keira in the passenger seat, and Lauren and Harry in the backseat.

Keira sat beside me, humming an unfamiliar tune quietly and tapping the same tune on her seat next to her.

"What are you doing?" I asks eventually, getting the same tune stuck in my head.

"Oh," She blushes. "Nothing. Just a random beat."

"Are there lyrics?"

Blushing even more than she already was, Keira nods slightly and stops the beat.

"Yeah, but I made it up a while ago, it's not like some spectular song, just a silly song."

"Sing it," I half ask and half demand, picking up the beat she has and tapping against the steering wheel. Opening her mouth to protest she quickly is shut up with pleas from evesdropping Lauren and Harry. 

"Ugh, fine. But do not mention this to the other boys,"Keira warns. "And I'm not singing again, cause I don't sing." As she finishes her conditions she quietly sings the words. But once she got to the chorus she cut off.

"I like it! It's my new jam!" Lauren giggles.

"Why'd you stop?" I question, earning a don't push it glare from her.

"Because I never said I would sing all of it."

I roll my eyes and pull up to the water park, knowing there was more to the song then she wanted to admit to me.


Early update! I had some free time, sooooo. Sorry for the filler chapter. I promise more on Elana-Rose and Calum later. Teagan and Luke as well. And I have someone for Mr. Clifford coming up in a couple chapters :) 8k LIKE OH MY GOD I LOVE ALL OF YOU WITH ALL MY HEART SERIOUSLY LIKE THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! The first court date will be soon, so Zayden and Taylor will be back -.-

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