"Kiss me" the woman says dramatically on the television. Doing as told, the man forcefully grabs the woman and kisses her.

"Really Keira? I thought you would have better taste in shows than soap operas." I says, trying to get the remote to change it to Batman.

Quickly, Keira grabs the remote and pulls it to safety on the other side of the couch "I don't judge you and your pony obsession, so don't judge me and my soap opera obsession!" She rebuttals, pointing to my gray My Little Pony tee shirt. I hug myself as if to protect the pony.

"Never, ever insult the ponies" I mutter under my breathe. Luke just rolls his eyes sitting across from on the ground texting some girl he meet while Keira drug us all shopping for new clothes for her.

Keira looked nice today. She was wearing a 'Dibs on the Drummer' crop top, which I picked out might I add, and ripped skinny jeans with bright purple cat socks. Her hair was tugged back into two french braids on either side of her head, and she mindlessly twirled her fake dimoand stud earring as she watched her show.

Michael bites his lip in frustration as he sat at the table with his laptop open, looking for potential lawyers.

"Dammit Keira!" He slams the computer shut, causing Keira to jump next to me. "Now we are going to court, and it's your fault because you had to go on a date with that son of a bitch, Zayden!" He sighs and lays his head on the table.

"Erm... Sorry?" She tries, confused on his sudden mood swing.

Michael stands up, and looks as if he is counting to ten, dark bags under hsi eyes, suggesting he hasn't gotten much sleep.

"Michael...." Calum says catiously, raising an eyebrow "You sound like a pregnant girl." He says "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong is what if this goes public? Then the band will have a bad reputation! We will be ruined! We will go broke because he is rich and can get a good lawyer! We can't!" He yells, loosing his cool. "I have barely slept the past week because of this, and it looks like I'm the only one worried!" He stomps to the room he and Luke shared and slammed the door, shaking the penthouse we were staying in.

"Um, okay?" Luke says puzzled, looking up from his phone for the first time since Mikey had his little melt down.

Keira stands up and walks over to the door, knocking gingerly. "Michael?" She asks softly trying to get him to open up.

I look over at her worriedly as Mikey answers the door, and she walks in. I get up to walk over, but Calum's arm stops me. "Leave it alone..." he mutters, him just as anxious as me to know what is happening.

Annoyed, I tap my foot on the ground before huffing, and sit on the couch, changing the channel to anything other than the God damn soap operas.


Hours pass and Keira still hasn't emmerged from Michael's room. I look at Calum, my eyes asking for permission to go see what's wrong. With a reluctant nod,  Calum himself stands up and we both head to the door, Luke still texting that girl.

"Michael? Keira?" I ask before I open the door. Inside is a sight I never thought I would see. Lying on the white hotel comfort, cuddled up together was Keira and Michael. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't love Keira, I just found her slightly attractive, any boy in his right mind would, it doesn't mean I love her....

Calum sucks in a breathe, and walks over to them, carefully shaking them awake.

"Wha-?" Mike mumbles opening and eye and looking around at us, then Keira, and smiles at her slightly before nuzzling his face into her back. Keira just giggles and looks around, her eyes meeting mine.

"Ash" she yawns in the middle of my name "ton! What's wrong?" Keira asks, raising an eyebrow but not moving from the position she currently lay.

"Maybe the real question is what are you doing?" I ask, feeling my face flush with slight anger. She just raises an eyebrow.

"Well someone is hormonal today..." she mutters, then untangles herself from Michael, and sits up. "What's wrong?" She asks again, this time more persistant.

"I leave you two alone for two hours, and you are sleeping together!" I fume, trying not to make this into something it get worked up about, but I couldn't help it...

"Okay look. I went in to talk to Michael... We talked, then once he calmed down we watched television," she pauses to point at the Spongebob show playing on the tv. "Then we fell asleep, and I guess we ended up shifting to cuddling," she says, sounding as if she were trying to convince herself rather than me. "And besides, why does it matter?" She asks, changing to argument onto me, and sits on the bed with her arms crossed.

"Because... I don't know. It just does!" I say, slightly annoyed at the subject change.

"Erm, can I just say some-" Michael butts in.

"Shut up!" Keira and I both shout at him, causing him to whimper slightly, but stay out of the dispute.


Roughly half an hour later, Keira and I were still at each others throats, but thanks to Calum, we were on completely different sides of the penthouse. Keira was in the bathroom blasting music, and painting her nails. Basically avoiding me. And I on the other hand, was in the living room strumming a guitar and mindlessly watching the movie that had come on the television, sending death glares in Michaels direction once in a while, only to earn a dirty glare on return from Calum who was busy trying, and failing, to try to make mac and cheese. There was only one thought I couldn't push from my mind. Next week I was going to court, and didn't even have a lawyer. And it was all Keira's fault for agreeing to go on a date with the douche bag Zayden Breez...

In that moment, I felt for the first time, a bit of anger, true anger not silly anger, but the real deal amger towards Keira for getting us into this mess.


Hey guys! Sorry for no picture in this chapter. If any of you could give me any name ideas for the girl Luke is texting, that would be amazing. Love y'all!


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