"What about this one?" Keira asks, holding up a Sun dress. Shaking my head I force myself to stay on task and not let my mind wander to why she would even like a guy like Zayden Breez. I mean, yeah, I've only met the guy once, but something about him seemed off. But I didn't say anything. For Keira's sake.

"He said something about a movie. It's dark in movie theaters," I say. Keira rolled her eyes and put the dress back into her closet. Zayden had asked her out the day before, and now Keira was practically tearing the place apart trying to find something to wear. Clothes littered the floor, and there were shoes thrown all over her small apartment.

"Just because it's a movie theater, doesn't mean I can't look nice," She says, throwing yet another pair of perfectly good jeans at my head.

"But nobody will see you! Plus if he really liked you he wouldn't care if  you showed up in a ratty, old, three sizes too big t-shirt and a pair of jeans that come up to you ankles," My voice raises slightly as anger fills up inside of me. I knew she was going to get hurt, I just knew it.

"Ashton Iriwn! I found it, the perfect outfit!" Keira squeals and dashes to her bathroom to change.

Though I had only been in LA for less than a week, and I was going back to Australia in a month, I knew I had grown fond of Keira.

Minutes pass as I wait for her to emerge from the bathroom, and when she finally does I had to struggle for air to breathe. Her naturally wavy hair fell around her shoulders, and her blue and black polka dotted tank top hugged her loosely. Black skinny jeans clung to her legs as if their lives depended upon it.

"How do I look?" Keira asks, spinning in a circle so I can get the full view of her outfit.

"Uh," I scramble for words without completely embarrassing myself. "Great, you look great," I add a smile at the end. Her face breaks into a grin as she bounds to the kitchen.

"You hungry?"

"Actually I have band practice now, plus don't you have a date you should be getting too?" Nodding, she gives me a quick hug and walks me to the door. "Don't have too much fun now," Rolling her eyes she opens the door.

"I'll text you after the date, see you later," She says as I climb in my rental car and drive back to the studio where me and the boys had been practicing.


Hours later, a notepad full of horrible song ideas, and three other frustrated boys, my phone begins to ring.


"Hello?" I answer my phone, ignoring the angry looks from Luke, Michael, and Calum.

"Ash," Sobbing comes from the other end of the line. "Ash, can you come pick me up?" I look at the clock in the small studio.

"Keira, it's only 7:30. Is everything okay?"

"No, can you please just come get me?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in twenty," I hang up and turn the face the guys. "Something went wrong with Keira's date, I gotta go pick her up. I will be back later. Keep thinking of ideas," I grab my hoodie and turn to leave.This couldn't be good. If Keira, of all people, called me crying about a date asking me to pick her up. So help me I swear I will beat that boy to a pulp I vow as I ignite the engine.

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