For the record being hungover at a court date is one of the worst things I have ever done. The bright lights and constant arguing is terrible.

The judge sighed and hit the gavel on the wooden plate.

"We will continue this case tomorrow at noon. Then will be the time to give anymore pleas, evidence, and then the jury will make their decision. Court dismissed," He says before

Sighing, I stand up, crack my back and knuckles, then wait for the rest of the band to stand up so we could walk out and find Keira.

Even hungover I had felt a slight dislike towards her for going back to the man who broke her heart. After all, Zayden was the reason we were in this whole mess in the first place.... And the whole Bentley incident.

"Where is Keira?" Calum questions as we walk along the sidewalk.

"I saw her go towards the cafe over there," Luke says and points, Teagan under his arm. Just friends my ass.

We all silently walk across the street and open the door, greeted by a bell.

I scan the area and spot Keira, involved in writing something on a napkin and sipping a drink of some sort.

"Miss us?" I ask walking over and pulling out a chair, wincing  at the loud squeaking noise that the chair caused.

"How did the court date go?" She questions, folding the napkin and putting it into her back pocket.

"Better than we thought it would. There's one more court date though," Teagan informs her as she sits down in the middle of Luke and Michael who us typing away at his phone, talking to Samantha.

"What's all happened after Luke drug me out of there?" Keira says propping her elbows on the table.

"You are the one who starting going apeshit!" Luke protests. Keira opened her mouth to argue but was uninterrupted by Calum.

"Okay, well you two can argue over who went crazy and whatnot, but I'm going 6o order some food." He says.

"I'll go grab some menus," Keira states, pushing herself out of the chair and stretches as she stands up.

Originally I was going to just sit and wait for her to return, but Luke sent his foot harshly to my shin.

"Ow!" I protest, but he cocks his head towards Keira and mouths 'Dude go!'

With a sigh I stand up and follow her.

Luke and I had had a conversation several days before about Keira. He said it was obvious we liked each other, we just were too stupid to realize it. He also said if I didn't tell her that I was interested in her,he would tell me for her. I had promised I would tell her; and I was about to the previous night when we almost kissed.

God, that almost kiss just about killed me.

"Wait up," I call to Keira and jog to catch up.

"Why hello Mr. Irwin," she replies and grabs six paper menus from the counter they were provided on.

"Er," I look down at my feet and scratch my neck nervously. "I was wondering if we could talk for a minute. If not, that's okay, but I just wanted to clear up something," I rush the last part out as quickly as I could.

Keira chuckles slightly, though it seemed forced.

"Sure, start talking," she says and leans against the wall. I take a deep breath and sigh before beginning.

"I'm not going to stall, I'm just going to come out and say it; I like you- a lot," My voice comes out almost strangled as I try to not chicken out and wall away from this whole thing.

Keira stared at me wide eyed as she twisted the bracelet I had gotten her. The silence as she let it all sink in felt like it was squeezing the life out of me.

The cafe seemed to slow down, waiters walked slower, people ate at cut time, and I could feel the boys eyeing me out of the corners of their eyes.

Keira took in a shake breath and closed her eyes as if  contemplating what her next move would be.

Do I kiss her and prove it, or do I just let her talk and not do anything? I think to myself as I shift impatiently.

"I'm sorry Ashton," Her voice comes out strangled and monotone as if she were hiding something. "The feelings are one way."

The news sunk in and the world just stopped. The worst thing that could have happened in this situation happened.

Keira Mayberry did not like me like Luke had said...

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