Just warning you guys, this is going to be a long chapter. There's a lot to be said this time.

One week after I told Ashton I had fallen in love with him, he wouldn't stop talking to me. Not that I was complaining, it was nice to talk with him and joke instead of be at each others throats.

Yet something wasn't totally right. And it's because we still had to worry about Zayden. Though Ashton and I had never had a proper date, Zayden always seemed to show up where we went. Whether it be getting pizza with the boys or just at the nearby park, he always seemed to show up. And Ashton hated it.

"Oh my God Kay Kay!" Luke whines as he sat outside the bathroom door. "Hurry up!"

"Quit your whining," I reply but come out of the bathroom wearing a lacy skirt and a black tank top. "How about this one?"

Luke had come over to help me choose the perfect outfit for the date Ashton was taking me too. And since Luke knew where he was taking me, and I didn't, he was helping me choose an appropriate outfit.

He just shook his head. "Too formal," Was all he said. With a frustrated sigh I go back to the closet Samantha had loaned me and began rifling through my clothes.

Luke stood up and pushed me aside before looking through my jeans and casual tank tops. "You're making this way too hard," he said and threw a pair of skinny jeans and the pink tank top I had worn when I first picked up the band from the airport all those weeks ago.

"Are you sure?" I question as I disappear back into the bathroom to change.

"Trust me."


One hour later I was putting the finishing touches on the natural (Luke insisted ) makeup and pulling my hair back into a messy bun with a braid around the hair tie.

"I have to hand it to you, Hemmings," I say looking in the mirror. "You know how to choose jeans and a tank top."

He smirked. "I know."

"Keira!" Sammy yelled from down the hallway. "Your boyfriend is here!"

"We aren't technically dating," I grumble to myself before throwing on some sandals and walking down the hallway after thanking Luke.

When I walked into the living room Samantha was glaring at Ashton and Ashton was glaring at her.

"Can I not leave you two alone?" I joke as both people realize for the first time that I had entered.

"He tried to-" Sam tries before getting interrupted by Ash.

"You look great," he says and laces out fingers together. I look from him to Samantha with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah I know she looks great," Luke scoffs. "I picked out the outfit," he says and flops onto the couch next to Sammy.

"C'mon," Ashton say pulling me from the house. "I wanna go before the lines get too long." Before I knew what was happening he had pulled me from the house as Samantha yelled 'Use protection' after us.

"Where are we going?" I quiz Ash as the car roars down the street.

"That's the surprise Miss. Keira," was all he said as he turned up the radio. He sang along and kept perfect beat on the steering wheel as of he had written this song.

So we're taking the long way home
Cause I don't  wanna be wasting my time alone
I wanna get lost and drive forever yeah
We could talk about nothing yeah whatever
So we're taking the long way home

"Who sings this?" I ask before I could stop myself.

"Guess," a smirk formed on his lips and he sings louder.

The look I have him must have given the impression I was as confused as ever and her chuckles.

"I'm not telling you until you guess." I sigh and then it hits me.

"Wait... You guys sing this!" I say having never heard them before. Wow. That makes me sound like a horrible unofficial girlfriend.

He nods and drums louder. I hum along not knowing the words but getting the beat as the carnival came into view.

"Is that where we are going?"

"God Keira!" Ashton laughs. "Aren't you just full of questions!" He says as he parks. "But yes, we are going to the carnival." I squeal.


"Whoa," I mutter as we enter the line for the ferris wheel and strain my neck to look at the top of the wheel.

Ashton shifts uncomfortably beside me.

"Is Ashton scared?" I stifle a laugh and squeeze his hand reassuringly. He scoffs.

"No,  me?  Yes.." He admits sheepishly. I chuckle and let go of his hand to flex.

"Don't worry," I smirk. "You have me to protect you!"

"Welp. I'm screwed."

I glare at him and turn my back only to get distracted by a familiar looking girl.

"Do you know who she is?" I ask Ashton. "She looks familiar." Ashton looks at her and squints.

"She looks like-" Whatever he was going to say got cut off by him suckling in a breath. I look confused up as him then turn my head to look at where he was looking.

The girl was standing next to Zayden.

"Are you serious!" I say a little too loud earning weird looks. "Do you like stalk us to figure out where we're going?!" Zayden must have heard my comment because he looked over, smirked, and started walking our way dragging the girl behind him.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Zayden scoffs looking at Ashton. "You remember Taylor, right Keira?" That's when it hit me. Taylor Price was the girl who Zayden left me on the corner for. Taylor mumbled an apologetic hello while looking at the ground.

"Why are you here? To find a different girl to dump her for?" Ashton spat protectively shoving me behind him.

"Any girl here would be begging to be taken home by me," he replied. Taylor opened her mouth to say something, I'm guessing disagree, but Zayden sent her a glare that said shut up.

"Any girl in her right mind wouldn't go for you!" Ash stabbed again, making Taylor sulk behind Zayden.

"Ashton," I warn. "I'm thirsty. Can you go get me a drink please?" I ask sending him on his way in the opposite direction.

"Yeah? Zayden, can you go get me some cotton candy?" Taylor asks sending him in the other direction as Ashton.

Once both boys were gone it was just Taylor and I. And to tell the truth, it was awkward.

"Listen. I'm so sorry this happened. Zayden told me he was trying to make you jealous that night at the movie theater. He told me the next day that he was on a date with you. Even then he wouldn't let me go," Taylor rambled. "He is trying to get you back, Keira. Don't take him back."

"I'm wont... But why not?" I ask out of curiosity.

A tear slips out of Taylor's eye. "He is abusive and won't let you leave. The only time I can leave is if you guys win the trials and he is taken to jail for lying to the police. Please, you have to win. For me so I can finally leave," Taylor pleas. I opened my mouth to say something when we hear yelling from our right, the way I sent Ashton.

Taylor and I trade a look, she dries her eyes, and we run to the scene. There was Ashton and Zayden fighting, again. And it looked like Ash was winning.

"Ashton! Stop it!" I yell. He turns his head to the sound of my voice. When his eyes lock on mine Zayden this a punch to his temple, making him crumble to the ground.

I run over, Taylor running to Zayden to get him off of Ashton.

I look at Ashton as the security gets here and realize he was out cold because of me. If Zayden when Zayden left me I hadn't called Ashton and took it like a grown up none of this would have happened. Taylor was yelling at Zayden, and Zayden was yelling back. It looked like he was threatening her and a... baby?

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