Okay guys, serious talk for a moment. There are going to be 40 chapters in this story, including an epilogue. I have each chapter outlined so I'm going to try my absolute hardest to update at least once a week; no more excuses about writers block.

But the next chapter won't be about Keira and Ashton, but instead Elana-Rose and Calum. I feel like I need to address some issues with them and their past. So next chapter will be about them, then the rest will be Ashton and Keira, continuing the pattern of each chapter.

Another thing is that the epilogue is going to be long... Really long. I'm going to say what happens to every character who is in this story (not like Lauren and Harry and all of them. I mean like all the characters who play a big part). So that will probably be the longest chapter.

Also, Taylor is coming back. The girl Zayden took home on Keira and his movie date in the beginning. But you will see the real side of her, also a surprise with her.

Since the book is a little over half done, I felt I owed it to you to tell you what will be going on.

There will be no sequel!

I feel like that is all for now. After this is over I'm going to either focus on A Nerd's Revenge or a new story idea I might start.

Thank you all for reading and putting up with this super boring a/n. I love you all!

-Juliet (I'm not updating anymore... At least for today,maybe tomorrow :p)

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